Week 2 – Solid Foundations

Mind is creative and thought is energy! Everything in the universe is energy and based on your conditioning and your upbringing it will create your perception of the world. You believe based on your perception. If you don’t have a solid, positive foundation then most of what you will experience will be negative.

For example if you are from a culture like mines, you don’t necessarily always believe there is hope for someone like you so your experience tends to be based on that perception that there is no hope. Believing what everyone else believes about you, you adapt to the life that your parents and grandparents have already excepted as their own. They teach you from that place. Some things are good and some things are bad, depending on their foundation. Even when you resist the life your parents raised you up in sometimes you still end up living the same life or worse because you believe subconsciously with such intensity, that you continuously recreate the life you say you don’t want. It all comes down to what you truly believe to the core of you.

As I come to understand this I now understand why the struggle is so prevalent in communities where there is poverty and a lot of crime. The sad thing is in a community like the African American community where most people go by the no snitching code and it’s understandable when your life could be in danger but now you have collectively created a cycle.

If you don’t speak on what you see then you end up being afraid in your own community because their are people walking around because collectively we decided snitches get stitches. It’s the most silly thing in the world to me because we have such a troubled way of thinking that we won’t tell when crime is being committed or has been committed right in front of us. But we say no one cares we need to care first and maybe just maybe others will take us seriously when we say we care about our community.

We have been bamboozled into putting cement around all of our flowers and still expecting them to grow where there is barely any soil. The trouble in most of America is that not much is on a solid foundation. Most American communities have a perceived idea that they are on a solid foundation when it comes to personal growth.


Week 1-DO-Over

They say the third times a charm well I guess we will see soon enough because this is my third time taking the MKE course. Now some might think that this is due to it not being a successful process but I am here to tell you this is all about what you are willing to do and the amount of energy and discipline you are willing to dedicate to the journey. I personally gave what I could in each moment. I put all I could into getting to the place I am in right now but I know that there is so much more that I have to offer the world but I am covered with megatons of cement and the more I knock off the more I discover about me. This is why I had no choice but to go through this again full force! I am dedicated to going beyond my comfort zone and staying uncomfortable, giving myself a chance to live out my purpose. So with that part one!

In part one of the master keys Hanaal says you need to become conscious of the thing you want to experience more of. You do not need to go find it, you already have. But you need to understand it, use it, control it, impregnate yourself with whatever you want to experience more of.

So basically, as you go through this course you want to wrap yourself into thinking eating and sleeping what you want out of life and if you do the work and continue through the whole process, you build up a momentum, your plan becomes clearer and you get a better understanding of what life is really about and manifesting your dream becomes easier because you understand at some point that you can attract what you want?

I’m here again for a do-over and this time I’m different. Not only do I believe in it I realize what I need to do and where all my attention needs to be focused. If you count my audit year this is my fourth time. Don’t judge me! I have megatons of cement that needs moving!

I have allowed so many people places and things to take me off my game; family, friends, love. But no more of that. The main culprit has been me. I stopped me so my momentum, my thinking got in the way. My life depends on me going all in this time. I have everything to lose. It’s week one and my life has been flipped on its side already to make room for the many blessings coming. At least that is how I see it.

If your reading this and new to MKE than please hang in there. It gets worst before it’s gets better but when you light the spark, you start to feel so much better. If you have never experienced MKE, well get signed up because there is literally nothing like It! I promise!

Week 19 – Master Key Experience – Fear Is Power…

Fear…what is it? Besides the obvious things that you maybe should fear… lions, tigers and bears, what truly is fear? Some would say fear is false evidence appearing real. Psychologist might say it is an emotional thought induced by a perceived threat. Some would also say fear is debilitating. It cause the whole entire human body to go into fight or flight  mode. I believe all of those thoughts. I also now understand that fear is our alarm clock. It is a tool to alert us that we are at risk of something that could potentially change our lives. It will possibly make us more vulnerable then we are ready to be. It could increase the visibility of our somewhat secret life. I will be exposed and everything about me is not pure by society standards . It will increase the people in view of and therefore in judgment of my human flaws.

So I am afraid to start that business, I am afraid to write that blog, I am afraid to write that book, I am afraid to speak what I truly believe. I am afraid to be judged about how I look, how I speak, of making a mistake, of becoming too famous, of giving up my comfortable life, of becoming an activist for change, of challenging the norms that keep society stuck, of being in love, of going places unfamiliar, of being on my hero’s journey.

These are most of the battles I have had to face in the last few years and I am still on that quest to overcome some of my fears. To me fear is the absence of courage. Courage is doing something despite being afraid of the outcome and circumstances that come with it. I have gone on and on in my head about what will people think, what will they say, what if I am challenged, can I handle being talked about in a negative way and in those moments I was not ready for the exposure. But now I am ready!

With persistence I intend to face fear everyday and live life as if it is my last. Live as if there is only one opportunity to help someone else, one opportunity to live out my purpose. With persistence I will never stop trying to become the greatest version of myself and when I accomplish my goals I will then find a way to continue to serve. I encourage all of you to do the same. This journey never ends. So it is fitting for all of us to stop thinking that there is only one thing to do and then we are done. As long as you are alive there are lessons to learn and milestones to get to. We mostly think it is all about coming of age but it is mostly about finding and living your purpose until it requires you to  level up to the new task at hand. Being afraid takes away your ability to level up if you let it, it slows down your progress.

If your willing though to see it as a tool or an alarm you will be empowered to utilize it to bring your awareness to what is going on with you and then say to yourself ok, I am afraid so now what? What if I do it anyway? Then what? Well it just may require you to have courage and persistence. It may bring you out of your comfort zone and into your true self. Fear is great! Why you might ask because it lets you know that there is possibly a life changing event on the way and you have a choice to make. So what will it be?


Much Love!!!


“I will persist until I succeed. Always will I take another
step. If that is of no avail I will take another, and yet another.
In truth, one step at a time is not too difficult…I know that
small attempts, repeated, will complete any undertaking.”
— Og Mandino

Week 18 – Master Key Experience – Focus Man!

It’s hard sometimes to get up. It hard, very hard sometimes to sleep at night. I have developed so many bad habits and now I am trying to break them all. This is the hardest thing I have ever done! I have never had to focus so much. Not even in college. I went through my whole college career on auto pilot. The first attempt to graduate was an epic fail. I drank too much and was entirely unhappy the whole time. The happiest times for me were partying and sleeping. The second time around I graduated cum laude, some would think that is awesome me, well I was sort of numb to it. Sure I celebrated the fact that I no longer had to endure long nights and crazy work hours but I didn’t even realize I was struggling with depression and a little anxiety mostly all my life. But I graduate cum laude with a 3.5 gpa and totally on auto pilot. I focused in on it and finished even though it was extremely hard.

Wow, wait I guess I did focus then. Well so I guess I can say to anyone reading this, including my new Master Key family, we will have moments when we see clearly the direction we need to take and other times it’s murky and we may be troubled by some things in the world but we can still focus on finishing as strong as we can. With everything in you now is the time to persist.

Much love!

Week 17HJ- Master Key Experience – Hero’s Journey…

I am working on me so that I can hopefully become a vessel to help others operate from a place of true power. Well being on this journey for me, makes me even more sensitive than I already was but it helps me to organize my thoughts a whole lot better when I am writing or speaking to someone about what we see going on in the world. I no longer pretend to understand things that I don’t understand but I do realize that love really does change the internal fear that you may have developed about something or someone.

Love provides you with strength, courage and confidence beyond your wildest dreams. To be able to love someone in spite of their differences and even their blatant disregard and disrespect of who you are is a very humbling experience. I can not say it is easy to bring myself into that place of forgiveness and say I love this person and they have nothing in common with me. Isn’t that one of the reasons we exist? To love not only the people we experience life with everyday. Those are the comfortable, easy things to do. Can we expand ourselves and love those who are different, not like us, those who don’t have our best interest in mind, etc.

Not only because you are opening yourself up for love from so many directions but because its less stressful to love then it is to conjure up the emotion of anger, hate. It is not our human nature but some of us have been taught to hate people who are different and don’t show up in life exactly like what makes us comfortable. We are all here to learn from one another, how to interact, how to respect and appreciate even if we don’t agree with one another. How to live here among each other and embrace the differences no matter how uncomfortable someone or a group of people make us.

We really need to begin to bring our attention to our individual selves and ask are we going to be a part of the joy in this world or are we going to continue to allow ourselves to fall victim to someone else’s agenda. We don’t have to resist it because that gives it energy but we do need to check ourselves and be sure that we are always operating from a place of love and concern for others. Be your own hero, therefore you open the pathway for others to become their own as well.

Much Love!!!

Week 17 – Master Key Experience – Aladdin’s Lamp!

Ok so I realize this is a little later than it should be but I m not stressing about it! And that’s good!!! I have been completely and utterly consumed with wanting to do so many things but realizing that I need to get organized and focus on my business and the things that I need to do to move it forward but also I need to continue to stay focused on my own growth.

My word for this week was well-organized and for a minute I struggled to see it externally and I thought wow how hard is this to see? Does that mean I will never be organized but then I thought, let me back up from this wall and think about this a little differently. The universe is perfectly organized, nature is therefore well organized, human creation is well organized, childbirth is well organized, the internal organs of humans and animals are well organized, life is well organized, growth is well organized, natural laws are well organized.

Then I started to externally see it. Parking lots are well-organized, traffic lights are well organized, in grocery stores products are well organized, buildings are well organized structures. Bus lines are well organized, flights are well organized otherwise all planes would try to take off and land at once. That would not be a good thing at all. So as much as we can find the bad things about some of those I named above, if we see it from a different mindset or higher vibration we realize that there is organization even in complete chaos. We just have to allow ourselves to see past the obvious illusion and into the truth of what things really are.

How do we do that you may ask? We start by questioning everything and not forcing the answer from our old blueprint but allowing the answer from within. By now most of us have started to see a little light in places that were forever seemingly dark. We have by week 17, started to see the work we have been doing pay off. We are manifesting and developing new habits and much, much more. Stay focused I tell myself everyday! Don’t allow yourself to become complacent because your starting to see more light. Your just scratching the surface so keep doing the work. It never ends your hero’s journey but every time we have learned all we needed to learn at one stage things get a little crazy and uncomfortable. Its ok this just means its time to take things to the next level and at this point you should be enjoying the confusion because on the other side is complete clarity!!!

Much Love!!!


Week 16 – Master Key Experience-The Power To Create Depends Entirely Upon Spiritual Power.

What do you really want? Is it simply wealth? If so, why? If not, what do you truly want? You must know this, because it is truly the only way that life means anything significant. Blindly, we go through life chasing riches and other material things that bring us temporary happiness and no completeness. Sure, I want to make a lot of money but I have several reasons. It use to be because I wanted what I saw in the movies, nice house, beautiful cars, the nicest clothes and SHOES lots of shoes!!!!! Well, I have lots of shoes right now so I guess I am living the dream!!! Lol! No…not really! I look at all these shoes and I realize they mean nothing to me really, I just have the ability to wear whatever pair I want no matter the day and I love options but they do not make me happy. So what is the purpose? Shoes are important but do I really need more than a few pair? If shoes did that then I would have never been depressed! I realized this years ago, that it truly matters that I know what I want because I can not be moved by just simply the ability to make money.

I am more moved by the thought of accomplishing something much greater than myself! Knowing this makes my faith much stronger in the realization that in order to be truly successful, you must have a purpose and you must be clear on what it is because you wont become distracted just by the possibility of earning money.  If that is the case then you would just about do anything for it!

Understanding what you want brings about the desire to work hard for it, regardless of the time it takes and the struggles you may endure because of it. Money is not the root of all evil and even loving money is not but not having a higher purpose from which to serve and actually make something better then you found it, aligns you with a mind that allows evil thoughts and actions to become the focus of your life. When you have a  greater purpose and calling this allows all people involved to have loving, prosperous and wealthy experiences in life.

Understanding that is one more way to manifest the things that you want in life without fail. In part 16 Haanel discusses the importance of not only understanding this fact but also understanding that you will have to make use of your spiritual power in order to manifest and hold on to the things you desire. We all must learn to see what we want first clearly in the spiritual world and understand that to the degree we have faith, how deep the desire goes and the actions we take, we will no doubt manifest our dreams but it has to be more than just about the accumulation of material things!