Week 9 – Thoughts Are Causes, Conditions Are Effects…

We have now discovered that all of us not just some of us humans but all of us have the power to create our own reality. It does not matter if you know your creating or not, your creating the conditions or effects of your life based on what you believe in your mind to be true about you and the world around you. Knowing this what will you create? Will we continue to live off of what others have made us believe to be our truth or will we fight to discover  and experience our true nature and potential. There is no limitation to how far we can grow and expand and I believe that even in death if we elevate enough people as well as ourselves before we die our energy will continue to surface and be stronger than our human existence. So this is what I aim for in my service to others, to leave such an imprint that my energy continues to be a positive, motivational impact even when I no longer physically walk the earth. I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy and so are you!

Week 8 – Imagination Is Key

Imagination is a form of constructive thought. Anyone who has ever created anything amazing that did exactly what it was created to do was imagined first. Our imaginations are just like plants in order to grow they need to be fed. In this case it must be fed clear and well nourished thoughts. As humans we have a power that most of us never come close to experiencing because we do not understand the power of our imagination and how we can surely use it to create the life we want.

This week I was reminded that I am constantly blocking my own blessings by speaking into my life what I do not want so I paid more attention to what I want and I am writing on it. I want my imagination to help eliminate all blocks and manifest some amazing things. In order to do that we must clear the path so nothing but the light can penetrate it. When you discover this truth you will be reborn spiritually.

Week 7 – Accepting That I AM A Product Of My Past Stinking Thinking!

The old me says everything is hard but the true me knows when you do the work change is easy. So why is it so hard to stay focused and choose to do everything all the time! I need this, I need this! But I am not committing, so what gives? I fought through this week and I will not be giving up this time but I need a miracle to get rid of my old blueprint. I quietly ruin opportunities for happiness frequently so what is up with that? I am praying to God I give myself a real shot to change my behavior.

I know this process is helpful because when I have done things consistently I feel it. So what am I fighting against here? I need help with this!

Week 6 – Love and Connections or Love Connection

In order to experience success it is a known fact that you must love all unconditionally and forgive all that have hurt or harmed you. No one says you have to be a push over for anyone but that you love them. You wish abundance, safety and good health to all at all times. It seems as Americans we have the ability to do both but we are not thinking for ourselves and we tend to get swept up in the gossip of the day. Whether it be the news, the friends and family you are around, social media or whatever other way we receive our news these days. These outlets make it very challenging for you to love because they seem to only focus on the negative stories and not the good stuff. There are a lot of good things going on in the world  and a lot of love being shown to different people by people that don’t look like them.

I am taking a break from all of the noise and continuing on with no opinions. This is difficult because we think we are entitled to an opinion on every single thing. It is probably best for me that I stay focused on my thoughts and decisions. Therefore I wont have time for much else. So from here on out I will make a huge effort to stay focused on  me and what I am doing. Am I loving without expectation and giving freely without wanting something from the same channel or any other in return.

Really if I can stay focused on my life and doing my best then I won’t have time to give opinions about much of anything or waste time on anything that does not move my dharma forward.

Week 5 – Observation

Most humans are not afraid of failure, most of the time we are afraid of our success. We are typically afraid that it just might work out and then what? I am learning to not continue to give my power away by procrastination . I am not really successful at this moment, this is a late post. I really just observed myself and tried not to give opinions. This is the hardest but most rewarding practice. I will continue this week to form no opinions and no negative remarks. All I can say is pray for me.

I always Keep My Promises!

Week 4 – If I can Be Honest

This wasn’t the easiest week for me. I’m in love and we are not vibing right now but I am also on a journey to improve so it’s hard to function daily. The Master key strips you of all security so you can place yourself into the right type of fabric. It’s been hard to stay focused and do everything, not because I don’t have time but because I had to push beyond sadness, anger and frustration. It’s hard but it is possible to push through.

I had to recognize when I was moving into depression and say wait this is a habit but also a choice. Then I started saying I can be what I will to be! Do it now over and over until I just felt better. Even when I had already done them the required amounts I did it again. We are always in the flow but what is the flow you want to be in is a key question.


Week 3-Change is Necessary

What am I giving up? What am I sacrificing? There are many things that I feel are necessary to give up in order to have what I want. There are traditions that no longer fit into my life that I must give up, habits that no longer serve me and ideas that only work for those who are cool with where they are in life.

For so long I have accepted all of them because I thought I had to. I thought the way my family did things was so cool. Now don’t get me wrong I love every single moment that I can spend with my family but I realize some things have to change in order for me to be able to grow and do the things with them I want to, I am going to have to sacrifice my time with them and some of the special things that we do on the fly. I will have to plan more but it will be worth it once they see what I have been working on.

So as my guide asks me what are you giving up, I had to really come to terms with all of the things I am going to give up or plan better for. I will give up fear of criticism, lack of confidence and procrastination. I will also plan my time with friends and family because I know that there is something so awesome to come from the things I am willing to give up. My problem now is getting it into a 400 word Definite Major Purpose Statement. I love this process and the magic that comes through when I allow myself to be open and vulnerable to it. I always keep my promises!

Denise Rembert