Denise Rembert-Press Release

Denise Rembert

LGL Enterprise LLC

September 18, 2027

Interview by Huffington Post Reporter

Living From Her Highest Self!

It is a beautiful day in wonderful Las Vegas, Nevada. I pull up to this amazing home and right in the front of the home you are greeted by a calming water fall and pond of coral fish.

When you walk into Denise’s home there is another waterfall that sets the tone for the rest of the home. In every corner there is a place to relax but also not far away is a place to entertain.

The view from all sides is amazing but the view of the river is breathtaking. Watching the sun set from here Denise says is worth paying for everyday!

As we sip vanilla chi tea Denise and I go right into the interview.

Denise Rembert is a Best Selling Author, Speaker, Life Coach, Mindset Teacher and the founder of LearnGrowLive Enterprise LLC. Denise is celebrating 10 amazing years in the Personal and Spiritual Growth business, her 54th birthday and also the release of her new book”Internal Personal Power”.

Denise started her business with the intention of educating and assisting others to find and clear their own personal path to the greatest version of themselves. Her business quickly grew because of her dedicated work on her internal self, her willingness to follow her spiritual light into the unknown and trusting the message from within.

In her previous career she was a Social Worker and through that work she saw a consistent flow of people who struggled with their confidence and believing they deserved more. This created what she felt was unnecessary struggle. Once she understood the power of  the mind and understood we could use it to create what we wanted in our lives, she knew right away that she needed to learn and educate others to release themselves from their own desperate struggles. Denise was one of those people so she committed to take what she learned and use it to help herself and others.

She started working on herself in 2012 and she literally coached herself out of her own way, reading and learning what she needed to, and then she found what she states is the most amazing program, The Master Key Master Mind Alliance with Mark and Davene Januszewski and their amazing team of guides. Her original guide Carolynn was amazing and Denise continues to work with them and refers everyone she can to the course. Denise says working with them literally changed her life.

She started to coach herself and plan her business but then she lost her job, because of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance and her loving mom being there for her, she was able to stay focused on her personal and spiritual growth and continue to learn in order to grow her confidence in herself and faith to just do it.

Denise pushed through all obstacles and limiting beliefs. She was unemployed for over a year and started her business with a negative balance in her bank account. Now she has a multi-million dollar business and has no plans on slowing down. She has just released her new book and she is planning to add more to the collection, as well as release new and innovative programming to build upon what she already offers to the world.

Denise has inspired millions and has a huge presence globally. Her first book “Unblocked Blessings” was a tool used to educate its readers on how to build their confidence, face their struggles head on and find their purpose. It is still selling in huge numbers and has been translated into 25 different languages around the world.

Her new book focuses on understanding how connecting with your inner self allows you to become powerful beyond your wildest dreams. LearnGrowLive Enterprise LLC  became official in June 2017 by Denise Rembert in order to help individuals do exactly what the title says learn about their true self, grow into their personal power and live the life that makes them happy. She started out and continues coaching and teaching in the LGBT community, assisting individuals who struggle with who they are and helping them to accept and align with their true self. She also works with athletes preparing them for transitions into college and professional sports. As well as with professional athletes on their way out due to injury or retirement.

Denise says she was inspired by her older brother Larry Rembert. He was a huge influence in her life. He always wanted to assist other athletes, mainly college bound on how to figure out next steps and how to make the big decision of school choices, because of his experiences when he was on his way to college and trying to make a decision about going professional.

When he passed on in 2011 Denise awakened to the realization that she was living a completely mediocre life and was no longer interested in doing so. She wanted to change the world by helping individuals find their own personal power one person at a time and honor her brother at the same time. She feels that she has so much more work to do but it is her purpose so she will do this work for as long as life is in her.

She enjoys the work that she does but she is always making time for family, fun and friends. She splits her time between Las Vegas, Nevada and Cleveland, Ohio, avoiding the snowy winters in Ohio and travels to exotic places like Hawaii, Costa Rica, Bahamas, Dominica, Costa Alegre and many more. As a matter of fact after the interview Denise was headed to Shoal Bay East, Anguilla for a one week vacation in celebration of her birthday, her book and her 10-years in the business. Denise is also a lover of music, she actually plays guitar and rides motorcycles in her free time.

Although she has been going strong for 10 years Denise is committed to assisting as many people as she can to find and embrace their internal personal power and become free thinkers.  She is continuing to follow the light inside of her and blazing her own trail. It has been a great 10 years and she looks forward to many more.