Week 17HJ-Just trying to get my balance.

I love this part of my journey. Well I love the whole journey but this part of it is where I get to discuss my progress or breakthroughs etc. I am really happy to say honestly I I have been struggling to get all the exercises done but I have persisted to continue and I didn’t beat myself up about it but I did play with multiple ways to increase my ability to get things done. Surprisingly, I didn’t go into panic mode and get all depressed about it. I just said I made a promise to not give up so I will do better this week. I always keep my promises! I am so excited about the courage and calm that has taken over in my life right now. I konw it only gets better. Much love everyone!



Well it is here and I am so excited!!!! What you may ask?! Well one of the things that I wanted to get out of this course was movement in the direction of doing my first presentation on unblocking your blessings in order to have a happy, exciting and successful life. Tomorrow is the big day! I have a three hour presentation and I feel extra good about it!!!! I know it will be great because I am tapped in to infinite intelligence so you know it is exactly what someone if not all of the participants need to hear at this time in their lives! I am launching my business and I am really excited but humbled at the same time. This is my dream manifesting! What!!!! I can’t stop smiling from ear to ear!!!!

Here is what is amazing to me. I changed this presentation 10 times, I mean the whole entire content before I just said you know what, I know you will show me which direction to take, what I am leaving out and how the flow should go. I went to sleep and woke up with everything I needed including “put the spiritual content in and be comfortable with it”. This is your work! Besides how is growth possible without growing to understand your spiritual connection to a higher power? After 10 or more times of erasing the whole thing and starting from scratch I completed it in 3 days with ease. I really can not express how thankful and grateful I am to the people who truly believe in me and my dream to help as many individuals as I can while I am alive. I am very thankful for MKMMA and I am in love with me like I have never been!

Much Love everyone!!!

Week 16-Looking For What Already Exist In Us.

Awareness is important to the unveiling of who you really are. The Benjamin Franklin Makeover is powerful. Looking for kindness this week, even the smallest act was fun and eye opening. I realized that there are a lot kind people in the world and focusing on it makes your day better. Even when you see something that makes you uneasy, you can retreat to kind thoughts of someone or something that was done for you recently. Another way to change you negative to a positive really quickly. Law of Substitution!

As I went through this week I begin to realize how when something is already in you and you start looking for it its easy to find in everything and everyone else because its already there we are just not aware of it even in ourselves.

The growth that happens when you focus on one particular thing for a week is amazing. You have such an amazing opportunity to look inside yourself to see if you are shrinking or growing. This type of exercise forces you to examine the things that you avoid, that may keep you safe but don’t allow your light to shine which is why we are here in the first place.

Another great week for me. My coworkers surprised me all week with gifts and the constant statement of “we were waiting on you” with so much enthusiasm. It made me smile everytime.

While reading part 16 of the Master Key System, I realized the importance of not visualizing things but more importantly the attitude of success, not so much the house I will have but the mental attitude I need to be successful. Then how does this translate into my service to others. At this moment my focus should not be on the accumalation of things but on the development of who I need to become to be successful or better yet who I need to remember I am and allow the real me to shine through. I realize more and more that the future me is already here I just have to let her out and allow her to shine! Much love everyone!



Week 15-Natural Laws Rock!

Haanel writes in part 15-3 in the Master Keys that “Difficulties, inharmonies, and obstacles, indicate that we are either refusing to give out what we no longer need, or refusing to accept what we require.” Just think about that for a few minutes, let it sync in.
The moment I read those exact words, I had to pause, read them about four more times. Something was calling me out right then and there.
Well I am aware that you see things when it’s time and I am already wondering why I am having such a difficult time financially. I definitely know to ask the question and wait for the answer. Boom! Here we go. Here is my answer right here.
I give whenever I can but I have a problem with receiving. I don’t want to be taken care of but I didn’t have a choice. I do not want people to see me as a charity case but many people have helped and still continue to help me. I thank the for it, I am so grateful!
But it still made me feel bad. All this time throughout this course I had to battle those feelings of shame and embarrassment because I was financially  challenged. 
Here I am, not being ungrateful but really feeling like crap because I can not take care of myself like I am accustomed to.
Then we get to part 15…and wow! Well here it is. It’s like the universe said you know why your not able to give like you want to? Because you don’t receive well. Not only should you say thank you but feel the love that was just shared with you. Someone saw that you needed to be loved and instead of appreciation, you bring shame and fear or embarrassment to the party. Maybe it’s because I have always felt like I have to do this myself whatever I want or need if I can not give it to myself, I should not expect anyone else to help me. It’s how I was raised.
Don’t get me wrong I still don’t have any expectations from anyone. I just know now that I need to learn to appreciate the kindnesses when it shows up and not allow the negative thoughts to come into play. This was truly a mind blowing week. The crazy thing is after I had this epiphany and learned my lesson for the week, boom! I start work on Monday, just like freaking that! The Law of Giving and Receiving, yep I received openly this lesson and look what happened!  God bless!

Week 14-Knowledge Of Self

In the beginning mankind just wanted to survive. Our ancestors had no idea of what life was all about. As the human brain evolved our needs evolved. Somehow we got to a place where survival turned into the want of many external things. Power was shown by taking over other kingdoms and establishing ourselves as the most powerful of  tribes etc. Isn’t it amazing though, how as human beings we evolved from nonspeaking, non writing individuals to the amazing beings we are at this moment.

History has proven that every time we as humans have needed to evolve disaster happens first. Then our overall level of consciousness rises and those of us that have survived the disaster find a way to continue on with a new understanding of who we are and our purpose going forward.
I believe society is now at that place again. I also believe though that if most of us take the journey  to raise our individual consciousness we will be able to avoid complete disaster. That’s right, if more of humanity decides to choose love over hatred, acceptance over division, spirituality over greed, then humanity gets to survive the storm. It does not have to come to complete disaster. We don’t have to completely destroy the world simply because we understand and believe that there is enough for everyone to have as much as they would like in this world. There is no limit unless you believe that there is.
I have struggled with many things throughout my MKMMA journey. I keep finding a way through my toughest mental struggles to take it from my head where it is cloudy and place it in the place in me where I know I can love it for what it brings to me. I resist nothing anymore. I surrender all! There is no way I can have the answer by myself so I wait for it to come to me. I know nothing and I am ok with that because I have faith that when it is the right time for me all will be revealed. I am financially worst off then I have ever been but I know that it is my doing. I have to clear the way and somehow I am blocking my ability to manifest anything but strangely, I am ok with that. I have a plan in place and no matter what obstacles I meet I have every intention of succeeding.
I know my purpose and I will fight to the end to be of service to those who are waiting to hear from me.
There is a divine purpose for everything and my struggle at this time is not punishment but it is necessary. God bless you all and I continue to pray for everyone’s success. Happy New Year!

Week 13-The Principle of Things.

So many things happened this week and my ability to respond from my highest possible place was tested  over and over. It is true when your family is being threatened or your home has been disrespected and you know who did it but have to come from a higher place, this is hard but it happened. I am proud of myself for protecting my family but the thoughts I had before I realized them were all negative and opinions flew all over the place. I did realize that I needed to be the one to calm everyone down and bring peace back into my home otherwise there would be so much more to recover from. I started analyzing why something like this would happen and then I realized, everyone around me is not on the journey and they have ill feelings and thoughts toward the people that were involved. The attack was about them not me but it was still my family and my household so in my eyes it was still about me.

Instead of retaliation, I decided to talk my family about karma and not continuing to give energy to this situation but to pray that no one enters our home again because this will potentially not end well for them. Everyone is currently ok and we filed the proper reports but it still seemed so hard to forgive and take the high ground. I am on a journey to improve the life of my family and my response clearly determined theirs. I just realized how important of a role I play in my family.

It has been a rough one but I still love the ups and downs and ins and outs of my journey.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Week 12-Be The Source…

You can’t have what you want!? Neale Donald Walsch wrote this in Conversations with God. I started this course thinking if I can just get my thoughts more focused, my belief level up then I am good, I can create the life I want. Well just when I think I have it all figured out I am taken to a whole new level where I realize what I don’t know or what I heard before but didn’t let sink in.

You may ask if you have not read the book, why would God tell us we can not have what we want? Is it not stated, Ask and ye shall recieve? Is it not stated that whatever we want we can have? Yes it is and this is true but you can’t have what you WANT simply because you want it. You have to BE it.

Well damn! There it is! Be the source! Whatever it is in your life you want to recieve more of, be the source of it. You want more love be the source, money, be the source, joy, be the source. Whatever it is, don’t want it, this shows lack, the universe responds and says yes you do want and since you want, it will make sure you have more want, therefore pushing it away from you instead of bringing it to you.

Instead BE it. Give whatever you want more of away without expectation of reciprocity and the universe will give it back tenfold. I have heard this a thousand times but right now my soul is responding to it not my mind, not my body but my soul.

Not only do I have to be it but I also need to learn to be grateful for it before I get it, as if I’ve already received it. Make I Am statements not I want but I Am.

We have to remember that the idea is to seek the connection without expectation but with gratefulness.

I now realize what I had been struggling with so much before instead of looking to make money and have worldly success, I am now truly elevating my soul in order to connect with God.

I feel it. I feel my responses being from love instead of anger. I am aware of being present in every interaction so as to be sure to give respect, attention and love to that person or the situation. It feels better, it feels like me. My true self. The thought of practicing to respond from my highest self to life until it becomes who I am is something I never thought of before but I am so happy that I now feel this is the journey for me. To elevate my soul and connect to my mind and body in order to connect to the mind, body and soul of God. In actuality there is no need to connect it is more like remembering and realizing the connection that already is.

All of the exercises, the reading of affirmations, Og, our DMP’s etc are all working to connect what is in our mind until it becomes a part of our body. Our cells adopt this as a part of us, if it is your truth it is already in your soul. Once you become your new life, mind, body and soul and remember who you are, a great co-creator with your creator then you realize your new life. It unfolds as if you have always had it. This is because you have but you just did not realize it.

There is no quick and easy way normally because we have been conditioned to believe something else. God wants what we want for us because it gives it the total expression of life through all of us. When we live from our highest level we are allowing God to be expressed through us. This is the key to life. The allowing of your highest self to be expressed through your life.

Don’t do, just BE!