Master Key Experience-Week 1-Why?

Well I have had to ask myself over and over again, why this course again and why now? Well before I wrote this blog I did a whole lot of thinking and I had also jumped into this course Monday fresh off of another 3 day weekend of self reflection like none other. I can not talk about it here but I am more then willing to share when asked. What I can say is for those three days I shared from a place of authenticity and I learned so much about me and to top it all off I met some amazing people who all made me feel like I could take on the world twice!!! The reason why that was so possible for me, (and I am 100% sure about this) is because I had already taken this course once before. I have been consciously on my journey since 2012 and I took this class in 2015. When I took it before, I did not have a job and I was just figuring out my purpose. So I was  whole lot of depressed and struggling with the principles from a place of believing them to not just be an idea, but our truth. However,  I felt betrayed because if this is the truth why have we all not been taught about our power? Why do people think there is no hope and that their life is meaningless or that they have to wait for someone or some being to save them?

Well this led me to a whole lot more doubt unconsciously. I was teaching this in seminars and deep down struggling with questions like, are people getting this? Are they receiving this? Do they think I have lost it? I played it safe and still put limitations on my beliefs so I did not seem too weird. I have since let go of those doubts about our truth as spiritual beings having this human experience.

I have also come to understand that we struggle with this mostly because we think on a 3D level and on this level we only believe what we see mostly. We believe what is safe to believe,  we are safe in that way. There is nothing wrong with that. This is truly up to the individual and based on what you want out of this human experience. I truly believe now that you have to “be”lieve it to see it. This is true at the core of who we are and who we can become. If you, at your core truly believe that you are at your best, then no matter where you are, you are 100% correct!

So the first time out, all of this was great and I got it but I still believed to my core that I was not enough and who am I to want to do the things that I want, accomplish the things that I want to accomplish and help the people I want to help? Who am I? I am not smart enough to remember all these things, speak in front of people, I am not where I want to be physically, emotionally or financially. What am I doing trying to start a business? Lol!!! Girl bye, sit down please! This was my self talk even while I am standing in front of people talking about being a creator and everything being created by what we think, feel and believe about ourselves.  There was no harmony within as far as I could tell but putting the tools that I got through taking this course into practice kept me going in the right direction.

I started working at the current place I am now and I started at one of the lower levels for my experience . At my job before my starting position at the current organization I was  making $7,000 more a year then I started off making. I took it because I liked the organization and I truly just needed to work. I worked that job for 6 months and ended up getting over a $10,000 increase per year along with a supervisor’s position. I truly am not stating that to brag about any of this. I just want people who read this to understand my experience thus far. My subconscious mind could not climb the ladder as fast due to 40 some odd years of not knowing my truth so I had to work really hard to get where I am mentally. Now its sinking in and I feel more excitement then fear and more desire then scarcity. Why not do it again right now? I learned a whole lot and will forever be a student to life but its about to be much more exciting because I know what I know.

So, why this course again and why now? Because it truly worked, it has me in a better place mentally which is the most important part to growth, new muscles have to be formed to replace the old atrophied muscles that I had before, and I am 100% sure that I AM already who I aim to be, I just have to get better at allowing and not forcing the process.

We must “be” before we can “do” and we can “do” only to the extent which we “are”, and what we are depends upon what we “think”! Charles Haanel…The Master Key System.



Week 24-In Order to Express it you must think it!

Week 24-In Order to Express it you must think it!

I don’t know how to feel at this moment. I have completed something that I was not sure I would because of my attention span. Oh but this experience grabbed my attention like nothing else ever before. I mean I have learned what holds me back, my thinking, environment, lack of awareness, lack of action in the direction of my goals, overall a lack of personal responsibility and self reliance.

In almost everything that exist in our world today, preaches team, or it takes a village, or there is no I in team on and on and on. To me this sets the tone that in everything we do for external gratification requires someone else to help us. Well dang no wonder some of us never figure out that when it comes to having the life we want we can not wait for someone else to help us. We can not sit idly by and do nothing waiting for God or any human being to save us. We have to first understand that growth and expansion of us come from going within. Being aware that whenever  there is struggle or a challenge in our lives, change must happen. Meeting everything with a Positive Mental Attitude is the only way to keep a positive flow of energy constantly flowing in and out of our lives. This is where we need to be in order to attract the things that we want in our lives. This is the sweet spot!

How far have I come since the beginning of this course? I internally feel better, I have no doubt in my ability to be successful, I am doing the things I need to do to and am aware of the things I need to be more attentive to. I am by no means the best that I can be but I now understand there is no limit to the possibilities of Denise Rembert and I am now in control of my destiny. It feels good to take back my life, I am in control and I am connected to Infinite Intelligence…there is no limit to where I can go or who I can become the only limit is the limitation I put on myself! Thank you to all the members I had the opportunity to read and hear your stories because you all have inspired me to challenge myself when I think things are hard I think of you all and realize that there are so many champions around me and this pulls me through to the next level. You guys are awesome and I love you all to the moon and back!

Many blessings!!!

Week 23-Self Reliance!


I am struggling to write this week. I have so much I need to get out here. This course…has changed and saved my life. The new me is going to the gym 3 to 4 times a week and actually really enthusiastic about going. Increasing my water intake,  juicing fruits and vegetables in the mornings, writing my book, completing seminars, beginning to think about what’s next. The new me has tools to defend against low mental energy days. The new me knows that I have a choice to continue on the Hero’s journey even when things are not going great. The new me is prepared to continue to Learn, Grow, Live! WAIT!!! Sounds like parts of my DMP!!!! I just now realized how much is happening! The new me has had many fails throughout this course but I can say with conviction I completed it and I feel great about that. I have learned so much about me and it is a wonderful place to be in and it is only just beginning.

I now have developed a new way to think about the things that I want in life, on the biggest scale imaginable and on the smallest. I now ask myself WHAT IF! Instead of thinking about the challenge of being able to go to Hawaii in July, I now ask myself what if I went to Hawaii and met as many people as I could, made awesome connections, saw the beautiful ocean, ate wonderful food, talked to Mark and Davene live and in person. What if instead of I can’t. I think this makes me feel better about knowing what’s possible and even though I don’t know the how, I am comfortable with knowing the truth and the truth is, everything in life starts with and idea before it becomes a thing. In the past I said I am trying, or maybe, but now I say What If and imagine.

Three years ago I started out on my journey to become a successful person and I had so many awakening moments along the way one of the most important to this point is to realize that success is completing a task for the day, success is taking a step when you normally wouldn’t, success is finding out who you really are and living from that place. Success is many things but most importantly, success is setting out to discover your true gifts and purpose and share them with the world. No matter how hard it gets success is deciding to keep going in spite of challenges and obstacles. Success is not waiting for someone to save you, it is having the courage to go inside to save yourself!

It gives me great pleasure to say to all of you MKMMAer’s, CONGRATULATIONS!

We are all successful!


Week 22-Who am I? I am nothing…yet I am everything!

I never really was a conformer to much of anything. I think maybe I have always been weird or different in some ways then the rest of my siblings. There are a whole lot of things I am through my perceived perception, but who am I really?
I think the majority of us will never ask this question…who am I. Many of us still believe that we are our bodies and our minds so that question will never be asked. But then again if you believe this then that will be your reality since you are a creator. I am being stretched here and of course this is a good thing. I know we are not our bodies and that we operate, when fully aware with mind, body and spirit but maybe this is not completely true.
I know the answers are within so I must figure out a way to be silent for days at a time and I will.
I know that I am natures greatest miracle but is this in truth because we begin as matter or a thought, then our lives are created based on our response to the experience of life or is there some other reason for this miracle of life.
I do know that the more I do the work the more I will reveal my true self but only if I ask the right questions and get silent for the answers.
We become what we believe but who are we?

Week 21-Think BIG!

As if I had not already had my mind blown enough by just taking this course…every week I have been tested by different internal and external challenges. Since I know that the external is a product of my old way of thinking, I digress. I am very excited because I see the difference in myself and the changes mentally that have come about and show up unannounced but observed. Every week I either become more afraid or more excited. I go back and forth with those feelings. I guess I was at the point where I was thinking ok we are just gonna cruise on to the end of this course but I was warned by Trish, Mark and Davene that it just keeps getting better and now I am now convinced it does. The more I read, the more belief in myself shows up. This lesson right here, week 21….well lets just say I heard this all for the last 20 weeks that I am connected to the one, we are all one, and when we connect spiritually we have power beyond belief to create. Oh and if we are thinking properly well our lives will change according to our thinking.

It has been drilled over and over again in our minds and hearts that we are nature’s greatest miracle.  Sometimes when I say that I think of all the other miracle’s that happen everyday. How trees give off oxygen, how flowers grow in the most abnormal places, how animals instinctually find their way, and so many other miracles I can not even begin to name them all. To know out of all of those miracles that put us in awe when we pay attention to them, we are nature’s GREATEST MIRACLE….I mean think about this for a second.

Humans in the modern form have existed for over 200,000 years. When you think about that alone you have to understand that we have evolved quickly to where we are now. We evolved from hunter and gatherers to technological geniuses. Most of us never discovering our true potential we kind of just followed the other one who knew what to do. We have learned how to speak, write, build, create, etc. Some things great, some things not so great but we have learned and this is just the bare minimum of what we can do. It seems like this is enough for the powers that be because keeping us focused on all the distractions and not thinking for ourselves is the way they have managed to control most of our thinking so far.

Right now there is an opportunity for us to change the world just simply by continuing to grow into self thinkers.  We are all connected. The more of us that do this type work as individuals the more we become individual thinkers, the less we just jump on the bandwagon to mistreat people or believe that something is just because someone else says it is.

The movie is the Experimenter based on  the true story of social psychologist Stanley Milgram who in 1961 conducted controversial experiments designed to measure conformity, conscience and free will. These experiments revealed how humans, in spite of how they may feel about a situation will inevitably follow the direction of someone else simply because they tell us we must. If you look at our history  we have so many mass murders, psychological abuse and torment of specific groups of people all because the groups in control of those environments made people believe they had no other choice but to conform. The reality is there is always a choice but most of us are just too conditioned to look for the better more humane way because we allow others to give us their answer instead of finding our own and operating with awareness.

You see, it is important on an individual basis for us to grow spiritually but for the overall existence of the human race this work we are doing is mandatory in order for us to not become obedient individuals who only follow what someone else tells us without question just because they said we have to. Instead we become self thinkers who are able to operate from our highest consciousness level. We ALL have choices.

With the understanding that we are nature’s greatest miracle and we do not have to conform to anything just because someone says so but we can choose to do what feels right to us, we have the power within us, we do not need to wait for someone to approve our greatness, we just need to except it. Lastly, we have the power to access infinite intelligence and create to our hearts content. The effects of our creation can save and change so many lives. This my friends is why we are all still here on this Hero’s Journey, this is why we don’t walk away from this journey, because most of us know the world needs us to do more then just be rich but it needs us to be wealthy with love, confidence, courage, wisdom and the ability to do what is right in the toughest of times. For me, to know that as I continue to grow the potential to help one person grows to 100, 1,000 even to 1,000,000 I am so grateful to be in this place at this moment. I embrace it with every fiber of my being because I know what I am pretending not to know. We all have a purpose and your future self is ready to answer the call.

How can hearing this stuff over and over again seem so new but yet seem as if every time I hear it, it now feels like a part of my DNA? It grows and I feel the movement!  It’s like I am hearing it for the first time but then I have read and heard it so much that I can not help but feel the growth of it in my heart!  Law of Growth maybe?

Much Love everyone!!!


Week 20-Consciousness Is Power!

There is no limit to your potential but only if you recognize and put it to full use. We focus so much on talent that we feel we are born with that we do not learn to go within and tap into our gift that we were given before birth. As humans we spend more time trying to find the perfect mate, perfect job, perfect health…but many of us never take the time to look at ourselves or better yet look inside ourselves.

In my past I have been so caught up in blaming everyone else for my life  not being the way I wanted it to be. Poor health, poor relationships, poor experiences and a very boring life! Now I have discovered my potential and it is so amazing! I know that I can be what I will to be and that I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy! This is true not only because I recognize it but also because I practice being everyday. I am no longer waiting to begin my business, I have begun and I continue to put forth the effort to succeed in areas of my life that at one point did not seem plausible. I am grateful and I truly believe in the miracle of me!  So to anyone who reads this please understand your power, embrace it, educate yourselves. You are created in God’s image and we are all gifted with the ability to create so now that you know use it or not but how happy are you living life the way someone else intended versus living your life the way you intended?!  Much Love everyone!


Week 19- I AM Revisited

I AM-I can not express enough how much gratitude I have knowing that I AM…I mean really?! Knowing that anything I place in front of this is the truth as I know it is enough to make me do a dance break right now and I really don’t dance for real but in my head I am. In reality when I think about it I just throw my hands in the air and allow the chills to just go all through my body. It is an amazing feeling. I can’t express enough joy in knowing I AM natures greatest miracle! I AM Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious and Happy! I AM awesome, I AM a creator, I AM every and anything I want to be as long as I put action to it, believe it and use it for the greater good!

Now for the movie I AM. I watched for the second time and in a nutshell, the world is all connected and if I AM then so are you! So what I feel about me I should also feel about everyone else, but understand that as we do this we are sending a message to the universe that we want more of that. So be careful with your words, thoughts and feelings right?!

This brings me to this thought. All of the differences among us as humans that tend to separate us we should be using to bring us closer. I believe we are on the verge of coming to terms with the past so we can move forward as humans. We have to understand though that we were meant to grow, love and forgive and focus on the things that bring us happiness not continue to live in the past. I realize that our reaction to other people’s behavior is more important then the behavior itself.

This is hard! But it is not as if I am saying forget that blacks, gays and lesbians and women and many others have been slighted, mistreated, demonized and made to feel as if we are less then human in many cultures but our response to the behavior is what fuels the fire or puts out the flame of hate and raises the flag of love.

So to my fellow black human beings whether you have experienced the hatred from another race for being who you are or not understand that you do not have to be grateful for the hate itself but be grateful for the fight, courage and persistence it instills in you. Be proud of who you are and enjoy life as it is now. The hardest part of the struggle was fought but if we continue to live in the past hate of others we are no better then the people who dislike us for who we are. To all of the people who struggle with loving a different race, gender or person because of their sexual preference… I love you! You are natures greatest miracle and we will not understand everything that people do or who they are for that matter, but if we just understand one thing….that our creator made us different in order to experience life through all of us, so it is not for us to judge others but for us to allow someone’s differences be utilized to grow us into our infinite potential as spiritual beings having a human experience.

Lastly, to those of us who are different because we love the same gender, or feel that we were born in the wrong body, you are also a blessing to those of us who need to grow as a spiritual being to accept anyone regardless of whether or not what they do is our norm. You bring the gift of unconditional love into those who find a way to love you just because you exist and this is part of why you are here. Embrace who you are. We were ALL created in the image of God and god does not create poorly. I am now learning that there is no evil in the world but that people operate from one end of the spectrum or the other and we need their negative in order to experience the positive or else neither would exist. We need hate to experience love, pain to experience joy, struggle to experience success but how much of one we receive depends totally upon our response to the other. If I AM Whole, perfect, strong powerful, loving, harmonious and happy then how would I know unless I experience all of the things that test that theory?

God Bless!!!