Week 17HJ- Master Key Experience – Hero’s Journey…

I am working on me so that I can hopefully become a vessel to help others operate from a place of true power. Well being on this journey for me, makes me even more sensitive than I already was but it helps me to organize my thoughts a whole lot better when I am writing or speaking to someone about what we see going on in the world. I no longer pretend to understand things that I don’t understand but I do realize that love really does change the internal fear that you may have developed about something or someone.

Love provides you with strength, courage and confidence beyond your wildest dreams. To be able to love someone in spite of their differences and even their blatant disregard and disrespect of who you are is a very humbling experience. I can not say it is easy to bring myself into that place of forgiveness and say I love this person and they have nothing in common with me. Isn’t that one of the reasons we exist? To love not only the people we experience life with everyday. Those are the comfortable, easy things to do. Can we expand ourselves and love those who are different, not like us, those who don’t have our best interest in mind, etc.

Not only because you are opening yourself up for love from so many directions but because its less stressful to love then it is to conjure up the emotion of anger, hate. It is not our human nature but some of us have been taught to hate people who are different and don’t show up in life exactly like what makes us comfortable. We are all here to learn from one another, how to interact, how to respect and appreciate even if we don’t agree with one another. How to live here among each other and embrace the differences no matter how uncomfortable someone or a group of people make us.

We really need to begin to bring our attention to our individual selves and ask are we going to be a part of the joy in this world or are we going to continue to allow ourselves to fall victim to someone else’s agenda. We don’t have to resist it because that gives it energy but we do need to check ourselves and be sure that we are always operating from a place of love and concern for others. Be your own hero, therefore you open the pathway for others to become their own as well.

Much Love!!!


Week 17 – Master Key Experience – Aladdin’s Lamp!

Ok so I realize this is a little later than it should be but I m not stressing about it! And that’s good!!! I have been completely and utterly consumed with wanting to do so many things but realizing that I need to get organized and focus on my business and the things that I need to do to move it forward but also I need to continue to stay focused on my own growth.

My word for this week was well-organized and for a minute I struggled to see it externally and I thought wow how hard is this to see? Does that mean I will never be organized but then I thought, let me back up from this wall and think about this a little differently. The universe is perfectly organized, nature is therefore well organized, human creation is well organized, childbirth is well organized, the internal organs of humans and animals are well organized, life is well organized, growth is well organized, natural laws are well organized.

Then I started to externally see it. Parking lots are well-organized, traffic lights are well organized, in grocery stores products are well organized, buildings are well organized structures. Bus lines are well organized, flights are well organized otherwise all planes would try to take off and land at once. That would not be a good thing at all. So as much as we can find the bad things about some of those I named above, if we see it from a different mindset or higher vibration we realize that there is organization even in complete chaos. We just have to allow ourselves to see past the obvious illusion and into the truth of what things really are.

How do we do that you may ask? We start by questioning everything and not forcing the answer from our old blueprint but allowing the answer from within. By now most of us have started to see a little light in places that were forever seemingly dark. We have by week 17, started to see the work we have been doing pay off. We are manifesting and developing new habits and much, much more. Stay focused I tell myself everyday! Don’t allow yourself to become complacent because your starting to see more light. Your just scratching the surface so keep doing the work. It never ends your hero’s journey but every time we have learned all we needed to learn at one stage things get a little crazy and uncomfortable. Its ok this just means its time to take things to the next level and at this point you should be enjoying the confusion because on the other side is complete clarity!!!

Much Love!!!


Week 16 – Master Key Experience-The Power To Create Depends Entirely Upon Spiritual Power.

What do you really want? Is it simply wealth? If so, why? If not, what do you truly want? You must know this, because it is truly the only way that life means anything significant. Blindly, we go through life chasing riches and other material things that bring us temporary happiness and no completeness. Sure, I want to make a lot of money but I have several reasons. It use to be because I wanted what I saw in the movies, nice house, beautiful cars, the nicest clothes and SHOES lots of shoes!!!!! Well, I have lots of shoes right now so I guess I am living the dream!!! Lol! No…not really! I look at all these shoes and I realize they mean nothing to me really, I just have the ability to wear whatever pair I want no matter the day and I love options but they do not make me happy. So what is the purpose? Shoes are important but do I really need more than a few pair? If shoes did that then I would have never been depressed! I realized this years ago, that it truly matters that I know what I want because I can not be moved by just simply the ability to make money.

I am more moved by the thought of accomplishing something much greater than myself! Knowing this makes my faith much stronger in the realization that in order to be truly successful, you must have a purpose and you must be clear on what it is because you wont become distracted just by the possibility of earning money.  If that is the case then you would just about do anything for it!

Understanding what you want brings about the desire to work hard for it, regardless of the time it takes and the struggles you may endure because of it. Money is not the root of all evil and even loving money is not but not having a higher purpose from which to serve and actually make something better then you found it, aligns you with a mind that allows evil thoughts and actions to become the focus of your life. When you have a  greater purpose and calling this allows all people involved to have loving, prosperous and wealthy experiences in life.

Understanding that is one more way to manifest the things that you want in life without fail. In part 16 Haanel discusses the importance of not only understanding this fact but also understanding that you will have to make use of your spiritual power in order to manifest and hold on to the things you desire. We all must learn to see what we want first clearly in the spiritual world and understand that to the degree we have faith, how deep the desire goes and the actions we take, we will no doubt manifest our dreams but it has to be more than just about the accumulation of material things!

Week 15 – Master Key Experience – Is This Me Dying?

I had been feeling sort of strange since early December. Like I was stuck in the middle of the road. Well I have been ignoring it because I thought, just keep pushing through and everything will make sense eventually. Well I had gotten to a place where I could no longer ignore it last week. So I finally spoke about it out loud with my Marco Polo group. As I started to share I also started to cry. Now I am really confused because in that moment I felt no sadness nor happiness. I just kept asking what is wrong with me?

Anyway in that moment I started crying and literally cried for two days off and on. I spoke to my mastermind partner, one of my closest friends and finally my guide. With my mastermind partner I just kept saying I will figure it out I am sure of it. It could just be the old me refusing to let go of the old behaviors that keep me stuck. With my friend I thought you know I felt this way before but it was right before my brother died. But I did not want to think that. I was observed myself a little more and said I wont speak or even entertain the thought that someone is going to die because I felt so much guilt that I did the last time and my big brother did past in 2011 right after I spoke that out loud.

I felt I was at a crossroads and I was fighting internally with myself. During the conversation with my guide I had literally in that moment discovered that this whole process was my internal self giving me information and that I had realized one part of my DMP goals. To be in tune with my intuition. Well there it was crystal clear in that moment. It was Saturday when I talked to my guide and Monday when I found out one of my relatives did past away. Sadly I was in line about someone dying, good thing is I am turned on and tuned in and this is something I always strive for.

I really don’t know that it is good that I sometimes know that someone is going to die. As I think back to all the people that held a special place in my heart that have passed on, I have always known it was coming. The first time, I ever experienced it was when my best friend died tragically by being hit by a car. I dreamed someone had that type of accident and then not long after we found out she was killed. I had just turned 16 and found out on my birthday. The second time was my father, the only time it was crystal clear it would be him. He had been in the hospital for a while. I felt it when I walked in the room and dreamed about it shortly after. The next time was my brother, the next time after that was a good friend of mind that I really wanted to talk to, I called her and left messages all week the next week I found out she died. She was young and we were close at one point. This one I felt guilty for a long time about because of my behavior towards her. This last one I believe was a combination of my cousin passing and also the old me starting to really remove some of the old blueprint.

We all have that intuitive intelligence that will alert us of things to come but we most definitely need to clear the path to it and not doubt when it is happening. Our feelings not only determine with our thoughts, the experiences we will have and how fast they manifest but they also help guide us to pay more attention to what we are thinking, and when something needs to be addressed, paid more or less attention to and much more. Feeling is always the secret! If you are on this journey then you know by now that being honest about what’s going on is very important. Examine it, address it from a place of peace and then let it go. After all we are natures greatest miracle!!!


Week 14 – Master Key Experience – All Thought Is Creative.

In part 13 Haanel taught that thought was a spiritual practice, in part 14 he goes further to discuss that not only is a thought a spiritual practice but ALL thought is creative. So in that respect we should hopefully now realize that we are always creating our experiences in life. It is up to us now that we have the knowledge, we need to decide what type of life experiences we want to have in our future.

We have to understand that no matter how long we have been in this world and our lives have been a certain way if we are not ok with the experiences we have had, we can change it simply by changing our thoughts. Wow!!! That’s it! That’s all?! Lol! Well it definitely is easier said then done. When I look at my journey thus far I can say that I have the knowledge, and I work very hard everyday to apply it. I observe when I am resistant to change or even a new thought and I am no where near where I would like to be but I am always in better shape than I was yesterday or last week, last month and definitely last year. This is what matters, are you making progress? Not that you have it all together but are you making progress. I am and it is the most exciting thing to recognize on this Hero’s Journey. Helping others is an amazing thing to invest my time in but saving myself from me is me becoming my own hero.

On this journey it is important to recognize that every thought you have is continuously engraving an already accepted belief further into your subconscious or it is developing a new pathway if focused more on the new thought. So it is important for us to take control of our thoughts and be in harmony now because the only way your experiences are improved upon is if you are in harmony right now. You can not attract what you truly desire if your angry, afraid, hurtful and disrespectful to others. You only continue then to create a familiar experience in your life. Change your thoughts, change your life!


Week 13 – Master Key Experience – Thinking Is A Spiritual Process.

The Law of Growth states that what you think about grows and what you forget atrophies. Gaining an understanding of this law of the mind sheds more light on what the Law of Attraction is understood to truly mean. We are always attracting into our lives what our dominating thoughts are. We have spurts of positive thinking and then we make ourselves believe that we are positive thinking people but this is where the importance of building muscle in your mind for new habits, then monitoring your attitude, being the observer, feeding yourself positive affirmations, staying away from t.v. and negative programming, the mental diet, and much more built into this course reveal to you how poor our thinking is. This course forces you in a very short time to take a deep look at all of the Beef Stroganoff  you have been fed about yourself and do an edit of the inventory in your brain and decide quickly what works and what you know does not serve you but it also forces you to look closer at the things you think are serving you and question them as well. That all happens in the first 10 weeks!!!!

Here we are in week 13 and now the lessons have started to bring you to a place of understanding that it does not matter that you now know that you are made from the best by the best but what matters most is if you dare to test what you know, and do you have the faith to keep persisting in spite of the unseen. It is such an accelerated process that for a mind like mine it leaves you feeling disjointed for a while, In week 13 there are some things I am crystal clear about and there are some things that are clear as mud in this moment but I persist anyway.

I was talking to a good friend of mine about relationships and interactions with individuals that we think are the ONE. Disclaimer-these are my thoughts from where I sit as of today. Ok, back to the concept of the ONE, how many of those have we had? Some of us truly met our one and have been with them since the day they discovered their love for one another, but there are many variations. Everyone’s path will not look the same. Anyway, our conversation was very enlightening to me  because in the moment of our deepest conversations I realized that everything I was saying to her I was also saying to myself.

You see there are many things that I would like to experience in life but I first have to prepare for it. Preparing for it means creating space for the thought of the life you want because of the goals you are trying to accomplish. I asked God a long time ago to show me the ONE and I believe that she has been revealed in many ways because God knows I need to see layers of proof to trust my intuition. What was revealed to me was I can have what I believe I deserve and if I believe she is it then prepare, make the changes you need to make as if you already have what you want. Think as if you already have accomplished the goal how does it feel and how do you behave? Are you kind? Do you give without expectation? Are you grateful? You need to be everything you want to see in your world. Happiness, Harmony, Strength, Courage, Love and Kindness, these are things you need to give away in order to get them back and keep them in the flow of your life. Your thoughts need to reflect those of confidence, power, humbleness and much more but mostly love without expectation of reciprocity. It’s scary because it leaves you open for the unknown as far as love is concerned, but as you work on yourself, you start to just enjoy the journey. I myself have come to realize that in loving myself more there is no room for anything but the best, if that removes who I think is the one out of the line up then this means she was just the teacher to help me prepare for the one so I am still in awesome shape!

Prepare for your blessings! If your worrying about whether or not you will succeed then you won’t because that is a sure sign you do not have the faith you need to manifest your dreams. Much love!!!


Week 12 – – Master Key Experience…Focus!

IN part 12 Haanel states that “You must first have the knowledge of your power, second the courage to dare, and third the faith to do.” Just like anything you want to accomplish in life you must have the knowledge, and once you have learned enough then you must challenge yourself to do, be or become that. Then you must have faith that it will happen when you are ready. In a sense it seems there are levels to life experiences. What I mean by that is there is a time and place for everything. You must create the neuro-pathway in order for your mind to be able to see it. In order to do this you must focus with clear intent on the goals you wish to achieve. There is no straying away from this. There is no deviation. You may be able to trick people into believing that your great but you can not fool the universe. The best thing to do is to be honest with yourself. Stop wasting your time on things that do not matter and zone in on what your life will be like when you accomplish your goals. See it, feel it, be it! Trust the process and get’er done!!!!