About Denise


My name is Denise Rembert. I started my professional journey as a Licensed Social Worker.  I am now a Life/Mindset Coach, Speaker and Teacher. I am currently in the very beginning stages of starting a coaching/speaking business. The name of my business is LGL Enterprise LLC(LearnGrowLive).

Why Master Key Mastermind Alliance? Well for a long time unknowingly, I created a mediocre life for myself. In high school, I was one of the best athletes in the state of Alabama. But my mindset and way of thinking helped me to be exactly what I dreaded becoming, mediocre. I operated for years after that as someone who’s embedded beliefs were, I will only make it so far or be but so successful. Unknowingly, I had thought myself out of everything I wanted to succeed in. My dominating thoughts were always about what I did not want instead of what I did want. At some point I had no clue anymore of what I wanted, I was on autopilot for more then 20 years…then boom one day the lights came on!

I had become my own roadblock to successful relationships, good health, and lasting happiness. Long story short…I was living a mediocre life and dying slow! I am now on a journey to change that blueprint not only for me but more importantly to be able to assist many others. I am so excited to begin to uncover the new me!