Week 19 – Master Key Experience – Fear Is Power…

Fear…what is it? Besides the obvious things that you maybe should fear… lions, tigers and bears, what truly is fear? Some would say fear is false evidence appearing real. Psychologist might say it is an emotional thought induced by a perceived threat. Some would also say fear is debilitating. It cause the whole entire human body to go into fight or flight  mode. I believe all of those thoughts. I also now understand that fear is our alarm clock. It is a tool to alert us that we are at risk of something that could potentially change our lives. It will possibly make us more vulnerable then we are ready to be. It could increase the visibility of our somewhat secret life. I will be exposed and everything about me is not pure by society standards . It will increase the people in view of and therefore in judgment of my human flaws.

So I am afraid to start that business, I am afraid to write that blog, I am afraid to write that book, I am afraid to speak what I truly believe. I am afraid to be judged about how I look, how I speak, of making a mistake, of becoming too famous, of giving up my comfortable life, of becoming an activist for change, of challenging the norms that keep society stuck, of being in love, of going places unfamiliar, of being on my hero’s journey.

These are most of the battles I have had to face in the last few years and I am still on that quest to overcome some of my fears. To me fear is the absence of courage. Courage is doing something despite being afraid of the outcome and circumstances that come with it. I have gone on and on in my head about what will people think, what will they say, what if I am challenged, can I handle being talked about in a negative way and in those moments I was not ready for the exposure. But now I am ready!

With persistence I intend to face fear everyday and live life as if it is my last. Live as if there is only one opportunity to help someone else, one opportunity to live out my purpose. With persistence I will never stop trying to become the greatest version of myself and when I accomplish my goals I will then find a way to continue to serve. I encourage all of you to do the same. This journey never ends. So it is fitting for all of us to stop thinking that there is only one thing to do and then we are done. As long as you are alive there are lessons to learn and milestones to get to. We mostly think it is all about coming of age but it is mostly about finding and living your purpose until it requires you to  level up to the new task at hand. Being afraid takes away your ability to level up if you let it, it slows down your progress.

If your willing though to see it as a tool or an alarm you will be empowered to utilize it to bring your awareness to what is going on with you and then say to yourself ok, I am afraid so now what? What if I do it anyway? Then what? Well it just may require you to have courage and persistence. It may bring you out of your comfort zone and into your true self. Fear is great! Why you might ask because it lets you know that there is possibly a life changing event on the way and you have a choice to make. So what will it be?


Much Love!!!


“I will persist until I succeed. Always will I take another
step. If that is of no avail I will take another, and yet another.
In truth, one step at a time is not too difficult…I know that
small attempts, repeated, will complete any undertaking.”
— Og Mandino

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