Week 18 – Master Key Experience – Focus Man!

It’s hard sometimes to get up. It hard, very hard sometimes to sleep at night. I have developed so many bad habits and now I am trying to break them all. This is the hardest thing I have ever done! I have never had to focus so much. Not even in college. I went through my whole college career on auto pilot. The first attempt to graduate was an epic fail. I drank too much and was entirely unhappy the whole time. The happiest times for me were partying and sleeping. The second time around I graduated cum laude, some would think that is awesome me, well I was sort of numb to it. Sure I celebrated the fact that I no longer had to endure long nights and crazy work hours but I didn’t even realize I was struggling with depression and a little anxiety mostly all my life. But I graduate cum laude with a 3.5 gpa and totally on auto pilot. I focused in on it and finished even though it was extremely hard.

Wow, wait I guess I did focus then. Well so I guess I can say to anyone reading this, including my new Master Key family, we will have moments when we see clearly the direction we need to take and other times it’s murky and we may be troubled by some things in the world but we can still focus on finishing as strong as we can. With everything in you now is the time to persist.

Much love!


4 thoughts on “Week 18 – Master Key Experience – Focus Man!

  1. I think you are spot on with this! We will have moments of Florida beach clarity and Galveston beach murky times but the important thing is to move forward. Beautiful revelation.


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