Week 17 – Master Key Experience – Aladdin’s Lamp!

Ok so I realize this is a little later than it should be but I m not stressing about it! And that’s good!!! I have been completely and utterly consumed with wanting to do so many things but realizing that I need to get organized and focus on my business and the things that I need to do to move it forward but also I need to continue to stay focused on my own growth.

My word for this week was well-organized and for a minute I struggled to see it externally and I thought wow how hard is this to see? Does that mean I will never be organized but then I thought, let me back up from this wall and think about this a little differently. The universe is perfectly organized, nature is therefore well organized, human creation is well organized, childbirth is well organized, the internal organs of humans and animals are well organized, life is well organized, growth is well organized, natural laws are well organized.

Then I started to externally see it. Parking lots are well-organized, traffic lights are well organized, in grocery stores products are well organized, buildings are well organized structures. Bus lines are well organized, flights are well organized otherwise all planes would try to take off and land at once. That would not be a good thing at all. So as much as we can find the bad things about some of those I named above, if we see it from a different mindset or higher vibration we realize that there is organization even in complete chaos. We just have to allow ourselves to see past the obvious illusion and into the truth of what things really are.

How do we do that you may ask? We start by questioning everything and not forcing the answer from our old blueprint but allowing the answer from within. By now most of us have started to see a little light in places that were forever seemingly dark. We have by week 17, started to see the work we have been doing pay off. We are manifesting and developing new habits and much, much more. Stay focused I tell myself everyday! Don’t allow yourself to become complacent because your starting to see more light. Your just scratching the surface so keep doing the work. It never ends your hero’s journey but every time we have learned all we needed to learn at one stage things get a little crazy and uncomfortable. Its ok this just means its time to take things to the next level and at this point you should be enjoying the confusion because on the other side is complete clarity!!!

Much Love!!!



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