Week 16 – Master Key Experience-The Power To Create Depends Entirely Upon Spiritual Power.

What do you really want? Is it simply wealth? If so, why? If not, what do you truly want? You must know this, because it is truly the only way that life means anything significant. Blindly, we go through life chasing riches and other material things that bring us temporary happiness and no completeness. Sure, I want to make a lot of money but I have several reasons. It use to be because I wanted what I saw in the movies, nice house, beautiful cars, the nicest clothes and SHOES lots of shoes!!!!! Well, I have lots of shoes right now so I guess I am living the dream!!! Lol! No…not really! I look at all these shoes and I realize they mean nothing to me really, I just have the ability to wear whatever pair I want no matter the day and I love options but they do not make me happy. So what is the purpose? Shoes are important but do I really need more than a few pair? If shoes did that then I would have never been depressed! I realized this years ago, that it truly matters that I know what I want because I can not be moved by just simply the ability to make money.

I am more moved by the thought of accomplishing something much greater than myself! Knowing this makes my faith much stronger in the realization that in order to be truly successful, you must have a purpose and you must be clear on what it is because you wont become distracted just by the possibility of earning money.  If that is the case then you would just about do anything for it!

Understanding what you want brings about the desire to work hard for it, regardless of the time it takes and the struggles you may endure because of it. Money is not the root of all evil and even loving money is not but not having a higher purpose from which to serve and actually make something better then you found it, aligns you with a mind that allows evil thoughts and actions to become the focus of your life. When you have a  greater purpose and calling this allows all people involved to have loving, prosperous and wealthy experiences in life.

Understanding that is one more way to manifest the things that you want in life without fail. In part 16 Haanel discusses the importance of not only understanding this fact but also understanding that you will have to make use of your spiritual power in order to manifest and hold on to the things you desire. We all must learn to see what we want first clearly in the spiritual world and understand that to the degree we have faith, how deep the desire goes and the actions we take, we will no doubt manifest our dreams but it has to be more than just about the accumulation of material things!


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