Week 13 – Master Key Experience – Thinking Is A Spiritual Process.

The Law of Growth states that what you think about grows and what you forget atrophies. Gaining an understanding of this law of the mind sheds more light on what the Law of Attraction is understood to truly mean. We are always attracting into our lives what our dominating thoughts are. We have spurts of positive thinking and then we make ourselves believe that we are positive thinking people but this is where the importance of building muscle in your mind for new habits, then monitoring your attitude, being the observer, feeding yourself positive affirmations, staying away from t.v. and negative programming, the mental diet, and much more built into this course reveal to you how poor our thinking is. This course forces you in a very short time to take a deep look at all of the Beef Stroganoff  you have been fed about yourself and do an edit of the inventory in your brain and decide quickly what works and what you know does not serve you but it also forces you to look closer at the things you think are serving you and question them as well. That all happens in the first 10 weeks!!!!

Here we are in week 13 and now the lessons have started to bring you to a place of understanding that it does not matter that you now know that you are made from the best by the best but what matters most is if you dare to test what you know, and do you have the faith to keep persisting in spite of the unseen. It is such an accelerated process that for a mind like mine it leaves you feeling disjointed for a while, In week 13 there are some things I am crystal clear about and there are some things that are clear as mud in this moment but I persist anyway.

I was talking to a good friend of mine about relationships and interactions with individuals that we think are the ONE. Disclaimer-these are my thoughts from where I sit as of today. Ok, back to the concept of the ONE, how many of those have we had? Some of us truly met our one and have been with them since the day they discovered their love for one another, but there are many variations. Everyone’s path will not look the same. Anyway, our conversation was very enlightening to me  because in the moment of our deepest conversations I realized that everything I was saying to her I was also saying to myself.

You see there are many things that I would like to experience in life but I first have to prepare for it. Preparing for it means creating space for the thought of the life you want because of the goals you are trying to accomplish. I asked God a long time ago to show me the ONE and I believe that she has been revealed in many ways because God knows I need to see layers of proof to trust my intuition. What was revealed to me was I can have what I believe I deserve and if I believe she is it then prepare, make the changes you need to make as if you already have what you want. Think as if you already have accomplished the goal how does it feel and how do you behave? Are you kind? Do you give without expectation? Are you grateful? You need to be everything you want to see in your world. Happiness, Harmony, Strength, Courage, Love and Kindness, these are things you need to give away in order to get them back and keep them in the flow of your life. Your thoughts need to reflect those of confidence, power, humbleness and much more but mostly love without expectation of reciprocity. It’s scary because it leaves you open for the unknown as far as love is concerned, but as you work on yourself, you start to just enjoy the journey. I myself have come to realize that in loving myself more there is no room for anything but the best, if that removes who I think is the one out of the line up then this means she was just the teacher to help me prepare for the one so I am still in awesome shape!

Prepare for your blessings! If your worrying about whether or not you will succeed then you won’t because that is a sure sign you do not have the faith you need to manifest your dreams. Much love!!!



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