Week 11- Master Key – Every Effect is The Result Of Cause…The Ripple Effect In Your Life.

I was depressed for over 20 years and I had no clue! A lot of that time was spent chasing things and people that were not for me or not good for me. A good chunk of that time was spent feeling sorry for myself and wanting someone to save me from myself! I was dying slowly and did not even realize it. I forgot about my dream! You know the one that all of us have when we are young!

A few years ago I would have said life got in the way but now I truly realize I got in the way. I had been conditioned by my experiences to hide the true me and my feelings so outside of basketball I was numb but I was still creating the cause and effect ripples in my life.

No one wants to believe they are the reason their life sucks! So imagine my surprise when I discovered my thinking and feelings have been creating my whole life experience. So be still, take a good look at your life, what is your theme? What is always happening to you, who are your friends and how are you with them? Are they truly you friends or are they just time and space fillers. Do you love yourself? Are you able to give without expectations, and love without it being reciprocated? If your not happy with your life then something about you is not shining. It wants to but you are dimming your own light. Not the person your married to or dating, not your parents, not your children, not your job or lack of one but you are the reason your not happy.

Most of us believe that when people die you have to mourn them, in reality if you celebrate their life and the blessing of having them in yours, it without a doubt makes the loss easier to manage. You will still have painful moments and you will miss them but their energy never dies and since you love them and vice versa you will always feel them if your open to recognizing their energy left behind. Nonetheless, we were taught that we should be so lost without them and over the top depressed that they are gone. I have lost many people in my life but the loss of my dad taught me to always say things while the person is here, the loss of my brother and good friend Carol taught me to examine life a little closer, because I was missing something, the loss of my niece Porcha taught me that life is so precious and you can be in the midst of a complete 180 in your life but life ends in mid sentence sometimes, so you need to live as much as possible before you die.

The thoughts I had in the past created my experiences by creating effects and those effects became the cause of the ripple effects created in my life. Now I am here and knowing what I know, my intentions are to create another blueprint in order to create new, better and more prosperous effects. I am changing the causes so the effects will be different in the future. I always keep my promises!


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