Week 10 – Master Key Experience – Nothing Happens Without a Definite Cause!

I don’t know that the first time I took this course I could even fathom what part ten discusses. I was probably really stuck at “the mind is creative”. Just that much takes time to truly understand and I believe that I still have no clue. I am OK with that. I truly believe that we can only get answers at two points in our lives, when we are ready to receive it or when life needs to really slap us in the face. Some people never respond to being slapped! Never wake up to their purpose or true potential because they allow themselves to respond in self defense. Do we ever ask how did we get here? If your taking this course or just on your own journey to become the greatest you, then you know that it is not your fault that your parents conditioned you to respond to life in a certain way, maybe by their actions or non actions. I am also sorry to let you know that if you are still angry as an adult about what your parents did or did not do then you are the reason your life is the way it is right now. So it would work to your benefit to forgive them and forgive yourself.

Plants grow because the seed is planted and the soil is properly prepped and cared for and  so does everything else that wasn’t there and needed to be a thought before it became a thing. We were GOD’s thought before we became a thing and the only way we grow is to use what God has given us. The one key is to realize the connection to GOD and all will come together. Of course you have to work for what you want but you can rest assured that if you are working towards your goal, connected to the source and utilizing the natural laws you are well on your way to manifesting everything you want and need. Part ten states it clearly! If your clear on the goal, the universe will supply you with the resources necessary so stay focused and keep moving in the direction of your dreams.!


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