WEEK 8 – Master Key Experience- Law of Growth, Law of Substitution!

I have to push myself this week. There is so much stuff that is showing up, probably because once you start to wake up the sleeping giant the ego starts to fight to stay active. Haanel states in the introduction of week 8 of the Master Keys “you will find that you may freely choose what you think but the result of your thought is
governed by an immutable law! Is not this a wonderful thought? Is it not wonderful to know that our lives are not subject to caprice or variability of any kind? That they are governed by law. This stability is our opportunity, because by complying with the law we can secure the desired effect with invariable precision.” Does this not blow your mind!?

What you think about is going to create your experiences. What you focus on grows effortlessly. The key is to become aware, once you become aware, you need to substitute the negative thought for something positive. This is not an easy task but it is so worth it. commitment to becoming aware and  being honest about when you are, clears the path to mental clarity, allowing you to then focus even more on your purpose and actually work towards it. The Law of Substitution is so important in an effort to grow what you truly want to exist in your life. What do you want to create?



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