Week 7 – Master Key Experience – Visualization

This is hard for me! This is a fact! Visualization…I could focus on why I believe this is hard….or why I usually tend to zone out when something is challenging or if there is a part of me that feels like the part of my brain that is capable of visualization is probably on vacation has been since my teenage years. I could blame outside distractions or whatever but I am just not in that place anymore. I believe that everything that I can not do is because of the limitations I place on myself. Mentally, I am fighting with myself continuously.

I surrender to the fact that I have to continue to push forward regardless of the place that I am in right now. I am starting to focus and I know that is key in being able to meditate, visualize and manifest. I can be what I will to be!!! Right now I will to be a master visionary!!! Do It Now!!!


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