Week 3-Master Key-Sun Of the Body

This week is like the moment you start to realize how much you really don’t know about who you are. Every individual going through this course will have similar experiences at different times, about different things. Lets just say depending on where you are on your journey everything hits you the moment you realize you just got confirmation of something you thought you already knew but the master key just drove the meaning home for you. Also, when something challenges  your beliefs there is that moment of ouch, maybe I need to rethink that or maybe not but it makes you go hummmmmm or ahhhhhhhh, nonetheless. Case and point week 2 we learned that the Individual(me/you) can act on the Universal(GOD/Infinite Intelligence)…and the result of this action is cause and effect. Thought being the cause and the experiences we meet are the effect. OK, this is not the first time I heard this so ok, now what?

Week 3, you start to see that not only does your thinking need to be on point for the things you would like to manifest, your whole nervous system needs to become part of the game in order to affect real change. Wait what?!!! So the cerebro-spinal system, the sympathetic nervous system and the vagus nerve all need to come together and then the uncreated becomes created.


Let me just say to you again, this is round two for me and I am definitely approaching this as if it is my first time, because I don’t want to miss a thing so I don’t miss the opportunity to be on the webinars and pay attention even when my ego wants to remind me that you already know that part, no need to sit through this one. But I have not experienced it from the space I am in right now so I don’t allow myself to fall victim to the old blueprint.

I love the honesty and authenticity of Mark and Davene and the guides. They do not tell you what to think but they show you how to build your mental muscles and become self-directed. It may only be week three but your life changes the moment you decide to begin this Master Key Journey!


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