Week 2-Master Key-Law of Attraction

Part two of the Master Key starts off by saying, “Our difficulties are largely due to confused ideas and ignorance of our true interests. The great task is to discover the laws of nature to which we are to adjust ourselves.” There is so much more, this is just the beginning! I don’t know where to begin with this so I am gonna just go. I remember seeing the movie, The Secret, thinking whoa that’s it! I just need to do a vision board, meditate and visualize on what I want. I got it lets go!!!!

Or not! I mean I would say this is a very good pull back the curtain moment but it does not help individuals who have blueprints full of negative beliefs. That was me! I tried and tried but nope or maybe, because I made my way to the Master Key Experience So I guess you could say that I attracted who and what I needed to arrive here. As a matter of fact I can say that ever since I have been on my journey, when I feel like I am not discovering things fast enough or understanding things the way I feel I should, or even why am I not leveling up and making the moves I need to in order for my business to get off the ground, it seems that something inside always lets me know that you are seeing and experiencing things at the pace that makes sense for you. God knows that we all can only digest so much and at different speeds, so keep learning, be patient and have faith that you are going in the right direction.

So here I am for the second time and still I learn and experience this as if it is the first time. I hope that everyone who reads this will get this…The Secret is the introduction, there is a process to follow but also a flow you must be in, but by getting the conscious, subconscious and solar plexus in alignment this sets you up for definite manifestation of the life you truly want. If your struggling with that then you have to figure out why.

I discovered that it was great to know at first and I tried so hard to do the things I was learning about but I did not believe I could or that I deserved to have the life I wanted to create. Also, I was all over the place about what that looks like for me. I recently went a little deeper to discover why I did not believe I could have the life I wanted, that I could not be happy in love, wealthy, healthy and help thousands better yet millions of people. What I discovered was I had been told as long as I could remember that I was stupid, fat, I had been hurt by people that I loved and never felt protected as a child. So in essence I attracted what I believed was all I deserved. I longed to experience more and really, help others have more based on what their true wants are not what their conditioned limiting beliefs would have them attract.

Oh boy! There is so much more to learn so if your taking this course for the first time, hold on to your mind because it will be blown every week! If you are not taking it at all, please keep reading and be ready for the next one. This is the most challenging, but most rewarding process and even if you don’t feel you have made any progress after you complete the whole thing (I highly doubt it) trust me, you have!

I knew right away that my world would not be the same. I have leveled up, I am definitely not where I want to be but that is the fun of being on your hero’s journey, if you find your bliss and just enjoy it, next thing you know you are where you wanted to be 5, 10, 15 years ago and your trying to level up again. Whatever that means for you. I love where I am right now and that is necessary. No, just because you learn to love you and where you are does not mean you have to stay there, just means that you greet each day with Love in your heart and things are much easier to deal with even when the day may not be so great!

Much Love!!!


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