I don’t know how to feel at this moment. I have completed something that I was not sure I would because of my attention span. Oh but this experience grabbed my attention like nothing else ever before. I mean I have learned what holds me back, my thinking, environment, lack of awareness, lack of action in the direction of my goals, overall a lack of personal responsibility and self reliance.

In almost everything that exist in our world today, preaches team, or it takes a village, or there is no I in team on and on and on. To me this sets the tone that in everything we do for external gratification requires someone else to help us. Well dang no wonder some of us never figure out that when it comes to having the life we want we can not wait for someone else to help us. We can not sit idly by and do nothing waiting for God or any human being to save us. We have to first understand that growth and expansion of us come from going within. Being aware that whenever  there is struggle or a challenge in our lives, change must happen. Meeting everything with a Positive Mental Attitude is the only way to keep a positive flow of energy constantly flowing in and out of our lives. This is where we need to be in order to attract the things that we want in our lives. This is the sweet spot!

How far have I come since the beginning of this course? I internally feel better, I have no doubt in my ability to be successful, I am doing the things I need to do to and am aware of the things I need to be more attentive to. I am by no means the best that I can be but I now understand there is no limit to the possibilities of Denise Rembert and I am now in control of my destiny. It feels good to take back my life, I am in control and I am connected to Infinite Intelligence…there is no limit to where I can go or who I can become the only limit is the limitation I put on myself! Thank you to all the members I had the opportunity to read and hear your stories because you all have inspired me to challenge myself when I think things are hard I think of you all and realize that there are so many champions around me and this pulls me through to the next level. You guys are awesome and I love you all to the moon and back!

Many blessings!!!


6 thoughts on “Week 24-In Order to Express it you must think it!

  1. Denise,
    What a remarkable move from the first Blog post to this one.Your are doing more than you realize. Take time to appreciate what you are DOING in this present moment, I did; and see it; and am happy to be a part of masterminding with you. Looking forward to witnessing your remarkable adventure as your wonderful and precious Live unfolds.


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