Week 23-Self Reliance!


I am struggling to write this week. I have so much I need to get out here. This course…has changed and saved my life. The new me is going to the gym 3 to 4 times a week and actually really enthusiastic about going. Increasing my water intake,  juicing fruits and vegetables in the mornings, writing my book, completing seminars, beginning to think about what’s next. The new me has tools to defend against low mental energy days. The new me knows that I have a choice to continue on the Hero’s journey even when things are not going great. The new me is prepared to continue to Learn, Grow, Live! WAIT!!! Sounds like parts of my DMP!!!! I just now realized how much is happening! The new me has had many fails throughout this course but I can say with conviction I completed it and I feel great about that. I have learned so much about me and it is a wonderful place to be in and it is only just beginning.

I now have developed a new way to think about the things that I want in life, on the biggest scale imaginable and on the smallest. I now ask myself WHAT IF! Instead of thinking about the challenge of being able to go to Hawaii in July, I now ask myself what if I went to Hawaii and met as many people as I could, made awesome connections, saw the beautiful ocean, ate wonderful food, talked to Mark and Davene live and in person. What if instead of I can’t. I think this makes me feel better about knowing what’s possible and even though I don’t know the how, I am comfortable with knowing the truth and the truth is, everything in life starts with and idea before it becomes a thing. In the past I said I am trying, or maybe, but now I say What If and imagine.

Three years ago I started out on my journey to become a successful person and I had so many awakening moments along the way one of the most important to this point is to realize that success is completing a task for the day, success is taking a step when you normally wouldn’t, success is finding out who you really are and living from that place. Success is many things but most importantly, success is setting out to discover your true gifts and purpose and share them with the world. No matter how hard it gets success is deciding to keep going in spite of challenges and obstacles. Success is not waiting for someone to save you, it is having the courage to go inside to save yourself!

It gives me great pleasure to say to all of you MKMMAer’s, CONGRATULATIONS!

We are all successful!



9 thoughts on “Week 23-Self Reliance!

  1. Denise,
    I love to feel the excitement and work you have completed. My best desire is to help you as we move forward in a master mind. As I’m sure we and others will be helped. We have many of the same ideas of helping others. I so look forward to building this Ideal together..



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