Week 22-Who am I? I am nothing…yet I am everything!

I never really was a conformer to much of anything. I think maybe I have always been weird or different in some ways then the rest of my siblings. There are a whole lot of things I am through my perceived perception, but who am I really?
I think the majority of us will never ask this question…who am I. Many of us still believe that we are our bodies and our minds so that question will never be asked. But then again if you believe this then that will be your reality since you are a creator. I am being stretched here and of course this is a good thing. I know we are not our bodies and that we operate, when fully aware with mind, body and spirit but maybe this is not completely true.
I know the answers are within so I must figure out a way to be silent for days at a time and I will.
I know that I am natures greatest miracle but is this in truth because we begin as matter or a thought, then our lives are created based on our response to the experience of life or is there some other reason for this miracle of life.
I do know that the more I do the work the more I will reveal my true self but only if I ask the right questions and get silent for the answers.
We become what we believe but who are we?


9 thoughts on “Week 22-Who am I? I am nothing…yet I am everything!

  1. You are asking the Great Existential Question — “Who Am I?” I think that this is the question that opens us up — cracks the nut, if you will — then the sprout and the roots begin to grow, they grow in the dark and in the silence… you are onto something here. Thank you, Denise.


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