Week 21-Think BIG!

As if I had not already had my mind blown enough by just taking this course…every week I have been tested by different internal and external challenges. Since I know that the external is a product of my old way of thinking, I digress. I am very excited because I see the difference in myself and the changes mentally that have come about and show up unannounced but observed. Every week I either become more afraid or more excited. I go back and forth with those feelings. I guess I was at the point where I was thinking ok we are just gonna cruise on to the end of this course but I was warned by Trish, Mark and Davene that it just keeps getting better and now I am now convinced it does. The more I read, the more belief in myself shows up. This lesson right here, week 21….well lets just say I heard this all for the last 20 weeks that I am connected to the one, we are all one, and when we connect spiritually we have power beyond belief to create. Oh and if we are thinking properly well our lives will change according to our thinking.

It has been drilled over and over again in our minds and hearts that we are nature’s greatest miracle.  Sometimes when I say that I think of all the other miracle’s that happen everyday. How trees give off oxygen, how flowers grow in the most abnormal places, how animals instinctually find their way, and so many other miracles I can not even begin to name them all. To know out of all of those miracles that put us in awe when we pay attention to them, we are nature’s GREATEST MIRACLE….I mean think about this for a second.

Humans in the modern form have existed for over 200,000 years. When you think about that alone you have to understand that we have evolved quickly to where we are now. We evolved from hunter and gatherers to technological geniuses. Most of us never discovering our true potential we kind of just followed the other one who knew what to do. We have learned how to speak, write, build, create, etc. Some things great, some things not so great but we have learned and this is just the bare minimum of what we can do. It seems like this is enough for the powers that be because keeping us focused on all the distractions and not thinking for ourselves is the way they have managed to control most of our thinking so far.

Right now there is an opportunity for us to change the world just simply by continuing to grow into self thinkers.  We are all connected. The more of us that do this type work as individuals the more we become individual thinkers, the less we just jump on the bandwagon to mistreat people or believe that something is just because someone else says it is.

The movie is the Experimenter based on  the true story of social psychologist Stanley Milgram who in 1961 conducted controversial experiments designed to measure conformity, conscience and free will. These experiments revealed how humans, in spite of how they may feel about a situation will inevitably follow the direction of someone else simply because they tell us we must. If you look at our history  we have so many mass murders, psychological abuse and torment of specific groups of people all because the groups in control of those environments made people believe they had no other choice but to conform. The reality is there is always a choice but most of us are just too conditioned to look for the better more humane way because we allow others to give us their answer instead of finding our own and operating with awareness.

You see, it is important on an individual basis for us to grow spiritually but for the overall existence of the human race this work we are doing is mandatory in order for us to not become obedient individuals who only follow what someone else tells us without question just because they said we have to. Instead we become self thinkers who are able to operate from our highest consciousness level. We ALL have choices.

With the understanding that we are nature’s greatest miracle and we do not have to conform to anything just because someone says so but we can choose to do what feels right to us, we have the power within us, we do not need to wait for someone to approve our greatness, we just need to except it. Lastly, we have the power to access infinite intelligence and create to our hearts content. The effects of our creation can save and change so many lives. This my friends is why we are all still here on this Hero’s Journey, this is why we don’t walk away from this journey, because most of us know the world needs us to do more then just be rich but it needs us to be wealthy with love, confidence, courage, wisdom and the ability to do what is right in the toughest of times. For me, to know that as I continue to grow the potential to help one person grows to 100, 1,000 even to 1,000,000 I am so grateful to be in this place at this moment. I embrace it with every fiber of my being because I know what I am pretending not to know. We all have a purpose and your future self is ready to answer the call.

How can hearing this stuff over and over again seem so new but yet seem as if every time I hear it, it now feels like a part of my DNA? It grows and I feel the movement!  It’s like I am hearing it for the first time but then I have read and heard it so much that I can not help but feel the growth of it in my heart!  Law of Growth maybe?

Much Love everyone!!!



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