Week 20-Consciousness Is Power!

There is no limit to your potential but only if you recognize and put it to full use. We focus so much on talent that we feel we are born with that we do not learn to go within and tap into our gift that we were given before birth. As humans we spend more time trying to find the perfect mate, perfect job, perfect health…but many of us never take the time to look at ourselves or better yet look inside ourselves.

In my past I have been so caught up in blaming everyone else for my life  not being the way I wanted it to be. Poor health, poor relationships, poor experiences and a very boring life! Now I have discovered my potential and it is so amazing! I know that I can be what I will to be and that I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy! This is true not only because I recognize it but also because I practice being everyday. I am no longer waiting to begin my business, I have begun and I continue to put forth the effort to succeed in areas of my life that at one point did not seem plausible. I am grateful and I truly believe in the miracle of me!  So to anyone who reads this please understand your power, embrace it, educate yourselves. You are created in God’s image and we are all gifted with the ability to create so now that you know use it or not but how happy are you living life the way someone else intended versus living your life the way you intended?!  Much Love everyone!



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