Week 19- I AM Revisited

I AM-I can not express enough how much gratitude I have knowing that I AM…I mean really?! Knowing that anything I place in front of this is the truth as I know it is enough to make me do a dance break right now and I really don’t dance for real but in my head I am. In reality when I think about it I just throw my hands in the air and allow the chills to just go all through my body. It is an amazing feeling. I can’t express enough joy in knowing I AM natures greatest miracle! I AM Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious and Happy! I AM awesome, I AM a creator, I AM every and anything I want to be as long as I put action to it, believe it and use it for the greater good!

Now for the movie I AM. I watched for the second time and in a nutshell, the world is all connected and if I AM then so are you! So what I feel about me I should also feel about everyone else, but understand that as we do this we are sending a message to the universe that we want more of that. So be careful with your words, thoughts and feelings right?!

This brings me to this thought. All of the differences among us as humans that tend to separate us we should be using to bring us closer. I believe we are on the verge of coming to terms with the past so we can move forward as humans. We have to understand though that we were meant to grow, love and forgive and focus on the things that bring us happiness not continue to live in the past. I realize that our reaction to other people’s behavior is more important then the behavior itself.

This is hard! But it is not as if I am saying forget that blacks, gays and lesbians and women and many others have been slighted, mistreated, demonized and made to feel as if we are less then human in many cultures but our response to the behavior is what fuels the fire or puts out the flame of hate and raises the flag of love.

So to my fellow black human beings whether you have experienced the hatred from another race for being who you are or not understand that you do not have to be grateful for the hate itself but be grateful for the fight, courage and persistence it instills in you. Be proud of who you are and enjoy life as it is now. The hardest part of the struggle was fought but if we continue to live in the past hate of others we are no better then the people who dislike us for who we are. To all of the people who struggle with loving a different race, gender or person because of their sexual preference… I love you! You are natures greatest miracle and we will not understand everything that people do or who they are for that matter, but if we just understand one thing….that our creator made us different in order to experience life through all of us, so it is not for us to judge others but for us to allow someone’s differences be utilized to grow us into our infinite potential as spiritual beings having a human experience.

Lastly, to those of us who are different because we love the same gender, or feel that we were born in the wrong body, you are also a blessing to those of us who need to grow as a spiritual being to accept anyone regardless of whether or not what they do is our norm. You bring the gift of unconditional love into those who find a way to love you just because you exist and this is part of why you are here. Embrace who you are. We were ALL created in the image of God and god does not create poorly. I am now learning that there is no evil in the world but that people operate from one end of the spectrum or the other and we need their negative in order to experience the positive or else neither would exist. We need hate to experience love, pain to experience joy, struggle to experience success but how much of one we receive depends totally upon our response to the other. If I AM Whole, perfect, strong powerful, loving, harmonious and happy then how would I know unless I experience all of the things that test that theory?

God Bless!!!


4 thoughts on “Week 19- I AM Revisited

  1. I have one word for you Denise…..YES!!! Powerful truth in your post!. I was blessed to be born of parents who taught us the truth from the beginning, we are all children of God. The true blessing is not having to carry around the “baggage” of prejudice. The world needs more of that truth.You are a champion and as soon as I post this I’ll be raising my arms and feeling those powerful vibes with you!!!

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