Week 18-The Struggle is not real!

Anyone that has been reading my blog knows that I have grown tremendously during this course. The amount of growth is so amazing to me. Now for the tough part. Since I have been working again, I see the challenges that everyone talked so much about in the beginning. Because I was not working I was able to develop a stronger foundation in the reconditioning of my mind so I am grateful. However this not being able to keep up business is for the birds or maybe not because they keep up so well. Rarely do I ever see a bird get left behind so I think maybe I need to develop wings so I can catch up(LOL). Anyway I am making every effort to get back into full swing with my exercises and everything so I am not bothered just sharing.

It is only a struggle if I allow it to be and since I know what I know now I choose to see it as an opportunity for growth in time management. I got this!

Peace and love to all!


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