Well it is here and I am so excited!!!! What you may ask?! Well one of the things that I wanted to get out of this course was movement in the direction of doing my first presentation on unblocking your blessings in order to have a happy, exciting and successful life. Tomorrow is the big day! I have a three hour presentation and I feel extra good about it!!!! I know it will be great because I am tapped in to infinite intelligence so you know it is exactly what someone if not all of the participants need to hear at this time in their lives! I am launching my business and I am really excited but humbled at the same time. This is my dream manifesting! What!!!! I can’t stop smiling from ear to ear!!!!

Here is what is amazing to me. I changed this presentation 10 times, I mean the whole entire content before I just said you know what, I know you will show me which direction to take, what I am leaving out and how the flow should go. I went to sleep and woke up with everything I needed including “put the spiritual content in and be comfortable with it”. This is your work! Besides how is growth possible without growing to understand your spiritual connection to a higher power? After 10 or more times of erasing the whole thing and starting from scratch I completed it in 3 days with ease. I really can not express how thankful and grateful I am to the people who truly believe in me and my dream to help as many individuals as I can while I am alive. I am very thankful for MKMMA and I am in love with me like I have never been!

Much Love everyone!!!


14 thoughts on “Week 17-UNBLOCKED BLESSINGS!!!

  1. Denise, this is so exciting! (I’m looking for enthusiasm this week, and I certainly found it here!) Isn’t it wonderful what a relaxed state of mind and a free-flowing subby with the right guidance can do?

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