Week 16-Looking For What Already Exist In Us.

Awareness is important to the unveiling of who you really are. The Benjamin Franklin Makeover is powerful. Looking for kindness this week, even the smallest act was fun and eye opening. I realized that there are a lot kind people in the world and focusing on it makes your day better. Even when you see something that makes you uneasy, you can retreat to kind thoughts of someone or something that was done for you recently. Another way to change you negative to a positive really quickly. Law of Substitution!

As I went through this week I begin to realize how when something is already in you and you start looking for it its easy to find in everything and everyone else because its already there we are just not aware of it even in ourselves.

The growth that happens when you focus on one particular thing for a week is amazing. You have such an amazing opportunity to look inside yourself to see if you are shrinking or growing. This type of exercise forces you to examine the things that you avoid, that may keep you safe but don’t allow your light to shine which is why we are here in the first place.

Another great week for me. My coworkers surprised me all week with gifts and the constant statement of “we were waiting on you” with so much enthusiasm. It made me smile everytime.

While reading part 16 of the Master Key System, I realized the importance of not visualizing things but more importantly the attitude of success, not so much the house I will have but the mental attitude I need to be successful. Then how does this translate into my service to others. At this moment my focus should not be on the accumalation of things but on the development of who I need to become to be successful or better yet who I need to remember I am and allow the real me to shine through. I realize more and more that the future me is already here I just have to let her out and allow her to shine! Much love everyone!




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