Week 13-The Principle of Things.

So many things happened this week and my ability to respond from my highest possible place was tested  over and over. It is true when your family is being threatened or your home has been disrespected and you know who did it but have to come from a higher place, this is hard but it happened. I am proud of myself for protecting my family but the thoughts I had before I realized them were all negative and opinions flew all over the place. I did realize that I needed to be the one to calm everyone down and bring peace back into my home otherwise there would be so much more to recover from. I started analyzing why something like this would happen and then I realized, everyone around me is not on the journey and they have ill feelings and thoughts toward the people that were involved. The attack was about them not me but it was still my family and my household so in my eyes it was still about me.

Instead of retaliation, I decided to talk my family about karma and not continuing to give energy to this situation but to pray that no one enters our home again because this will potentially not end well for them. Everyone is currently ok and we filed the proper reports but it still seemed so hard to forgive and take the high ground. I am on a journey to improve the life of my family and my response clearly determined theirs. I just realized how important of a role I play in my family.

It has been a rough one but I still love the ups and downs and ins and outs of my journey.

Happy Holidays everyone!


8 thoughts on “Week 13-The Principle of Things.

  1. Good for you for taking the time within a very stressful situation to look at the situation with your new eyes, not your old ones! Sending hugs and love your way… everything is going to be ok 🙂

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  2. Too bad all people aren’t like you, Denise. What a wonderful place this earth would be if that were the case. Fantastic job of diffusing a negative situation – love has no defense. Wishing you and your family a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2016.

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  3. Sounds like you aced that wild+crazy semester final exam, Denise, and used all the knowledge and good habits you’ve gained on your journey. You get A+ in Applying the Laws of Relaxation, Substitution and Forgiveness. You’re a great teacher already. Congratulations and a Joyous 2016 to you and your family!

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