Week 12-Be The Source…

You can’t have what you want!? Neale Donald Walsch wrote this in Conversations with God. I started this course thinking if I can just get my thoughts more focused, my belief level up then I am good, I can create the life I want. Well just when I think I have it all figured out I am taken to a whole new level where I realize what I don’t know or what I heard before but didn’t let sink in.

You may ask if you have not read the book, why would God tell us we can not have what we want? Is it not stated, Ask and ye shall recieve? Is it not stated that whatever we want we can have? Yes it is and this is true but you can’t have what you WANT simply because you want it. You have to BE it.

Well damn! There it is! Be the source! Whatever it is in your life you want to recieve more of, be the source of it. You want more love be the source, money, be the source, joy, be the source. Whatever it is, don’t want it, this shows lack, the universe responds and says yes you do want and since you want, it will make sure you have more want, therefore pushing it away from you instead of bringing it to you.

Instead BE it. Give whatever you want more of away without expectation of reciprocity and the universe will give it back tenfold. I have heard this a thousand times but right now my soul is responding to it not my mind, not my body but my soul.

Not only do I have to be it but I also need to learn to be grateful for it before I get it, as if I’ve already received it. Make I Am statements not I want but I Am.

We have to remember that the idea is to seek the connection without expectation but with gratefulness.

I now realize what I had been struggling with so much before instead of looking to make money and have worldly success, I am now truly elevating my soul in order to connect with God.

I feel it. I feel my responses being from love instead of anger. I am aware of being present in every interaction so as to be sure to give respect, attention and love to that person or the situation. It feels better, it feels like me. My true self. The thought of practicing to respond from my highest self to life until it becomes who I am is something I never thought of before but I am so happy that I now feel this is the journey for me. To elevate my soul and connect to my mind and body in order to connect to the mind, body and soul of God. In actuality there is no need to connect it is more like remembering and realizing the connection that already is.

All of the exercises, the reading of affirmations, Og, our DMP’s etc are all working to connect what is in our mind until it becomes a part of our body. Our cells adopt this as a part of us, if it is your truth it is already in your soul. Once you become your new life, mind, body and soul and remember who you are, a great co-creator with your creator then you realize your new life. It unfolds as if you have always had it. This is because you have but you just did not realize it.

There is no quick and easy way normally because we have been conditioned to believe something else. God wants what we want for us because it gives it the total expression of life through all of us. When we live from our highest level we are allowing God to be expressed through us. This is the key to life. The allowing of your highest self to be expressed through your life.

Don’t do, just BE!



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