Week 11-I Will Persist Until I Succeed!

Well this week has been another eye opening week for me. Strategically, I have not had a good week. I have not been consistent with my readings and my sits. I eventually said hold up my old blueprint is winning and this is so not acceptable. I had to pull myself together, forgive myself for not always keeping my promises and ask my inner self to show up for me.

I find myself being really interested in the history of mankind these last few weeks. Through the centuries we have figured out what we must do in order to expand as human beings. That is stand for what is right and love one another for who we are, respect each other for our differences, and be mindful of the wrong doing of others and help one another when we can.

Understanding the truth of who we are is so important. We were given power that we never use. We are gifted this and some of us never even know it.

To understand this is to claim your own personal power. To know and understand that all you have to do is ask and believe and work towards it and it is done! This scares some and I admit the idea for me is extremely scary but also uplifting.

I want that life! The never have to worry again, spend more time on the beach then I do working life but mostly, I want to help others obtain the life they choose. So I guess I am on the right track. I just have to commit to it as if my life depends on it because it does!
So, I will persist until I succeed because I know, I can be what I will to be and I will, do it now!

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!


9 thoughts on “Week 11-I Will Persist Until I Succeed!

  1. Denise, I LOVE these 2 things you wrote in this post: “I had to…ask my inner self to show up for me” and “All you have to do is ask and believe and work towards it and it is done!” Your words started this train of thought for me (Thank you!): Maybe our inner self is ALWAYS showing up for us because it’s who we REALLY are and our body and mind are simply the vehicle that our inner self needs to get around in the world. Maybe the instant prior to when we were conceived, our inner self (which is part of God) ASKed for Life in a physical body because it BELIEVEd that physical Life would be Joyful and more delicious than spiritual life because our physical senses can experience extra Joy. Maybe our inner self’s request for physical Life was immediately DONE/granted because (1) our parents WORKed TOWARDS IT on behalf of our inner self, and (2) our inner self has no filters/fears to delay or prevent its Goodness from manifesting in the world. Maybe our inner self is ALWAYS doing its best to exhibit and share its Goodness but its best (how well our inner self can drive its vehicle) depends on how clear or foggy the vehicle’s windshield is, and windshield fog is created by fear and negative thoughts, the bad habits of our mind and body. Thank God for the defrost button (good habits and positive thoughts/feelings), eh?!? ;-D

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  2. If evolution is real, why do creatures lower than humans still exists? Why have humans been virtually unchanged for over 2500 years?2500 years not enough for some impveroment?


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