Week 10-Evolution: Life from Life!

Ironically, this week I have been watching A Spacetime Odessey. This is a scientific buffet of knowledge. How we as humans came into existence based on billions of years of various species that evolved to humans really through natural selection. Some would argue that there has to be a surperior being somewhere who wants us to figure it all out and ask for help to create an environment that is sustainable forever, henceforth the evolution of man a more capable species of developing and creating. This is what I believe! That there is ultimately freewill but we have moved away from creating conciously and free thinking to follow the leader. I think that game was a staple in all neighborhoods…I wonder  why?! Maybe because it is easier to control people when they need permission to think outside the box.

As I read Haanel this week…10,1-10 I am blown away by the connections. Just like on a large scale we need to get back to conscious creating and free thinking and asking for help from a superior being, as an individual it is just as important. Haanel states that their is no life where life did not already exist so we must through our knwoledge breathe spiritual life into our dreams and then it will grow in our physical world! A Spacetime Odyssey seems to make the exact same case for the creation for man itself! Ding Ding Ding! Connection!
 Understanding that we need to plant the seed, be sure of it, continue to nurture it, be persistent…ooh another connection from Og Mandino, The Greatest Salesman.
Persistence, no matter how much I am tested make this journey a part of who I am. Don’t look for why it is not working or you don’t see as much progress as others. Have faith that you are erasing old behavior, clearing a path to build a new you that understands you can be what you will to be! This takes dedication, time, faith and persistence.

I hope all of my fellow MKMMAer’s know that I am cheering for all of you and I know when this course is over we will all be on our way to the life we want as long as we persist, we will win! Much love all!


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