Week 8-Free Will…Is it really?

Something about this weeks lesson has me really diving deep. In the very first line to describe part 8 Haanel states you may freely choose what you think but the result of your thought is governed by an immutable law! Great but what about the fact that my blueprint is stinking up the place most of the time? I had been conditioned to think the worst of most everything and minimize myself to make people comfortable so I in return can be comfortable around them.

Thinking my thoughts that my current blueprint thrives off of, no this is not great! How hard is it to change 30 plus years of mediocre thoughts and behaviors?! Very d#@& hard. I knew it would be but wow! Anyway…what is free will? One would say it is the ability to think and behave on your own volition. I agree but here is the thing, you have to realize when your thoughts are the reason you can’t grow into your greatest version of you. Even that your thoughts are restricting your ability to believe in yourself so then yes you can do something but now you must dedicate yourself to this because this is no small task! So is it really free will? Or have we been taught what to think and not how to think for ourselves?

My core is being shaken and stirred right now. I feel that is great! It must be because these last few weeks have been the most challenging mentally for me thus far. Heck, honestly, I can remember that I use to see myself speaking in front of other people but now I can’t even use my imagination to trace a battleship back to a thought?!

There is a very small part of me that is horrified because if I can not use my imagination then what does this mean for my future? But the braver, bolder side of me says this is temporary and I now have the knowledge to put to use in order to develop a new blueprint. Practice! My future is based on immutable laws and I choose to believe that once in harmony with the natural laws,(this is what MKMMA is all about)everything will align as it should be. I know that just like anything else, I must develop my mental, belief, and spiritual  muscles and the patience to endure. I trust that it is all falling into place internally.

Honestly, I love this journey I am on right now…I know that my life is going to change beyond recognition and I am looking forward to my new life!




7 thoughts on “Week 8-Free Will…Is it really?

  1. Wonderful heartfelt observations Denise! I wonder…when you see yourself speaking in front of those you are coaching, those whom you wish to reach and help, and there was someone struggling with their imagination – what do you see yourself saying to them? Now…(if I may be so bold)…consider standing in front of the mirror after reading the Gal in the Glass – and say those same words to yourself. How do you feel? You’ve got this. Be kind to yourself. Allow your old blueprint to stop smelling up the place and your inner light to shine bright. I see it.

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  2. I agree with Carolynn: I see that you’ve got this, Denise! What you’ve been experiencing the last few weeks is simply the pain of going through another birth canal, although as an adult and spiritually awake, you are conscious of and observing yourself dealing with the pain. But the degree of the pain and the size of your fears are directly proportionate to the size of the box of Joy+Bliss that await you on your new Birth Day. The old blueprint is dying. Honor it for having served you all these years to become the loving and wise person you already are. Thank everyone who helped you create that old blueprint. This summer’s leaves are dying and falling to the ground, but we don’t fear not having leaves come Spring. Trust in The Law. Your Subby has always been the co-captain of your boat. Free will has enabled you to captain the boat all these years. Let Subby take the wheel while you do two other important jobs: Keep the fuel tank filled with your burning desire to propel yourself forward into uncharted but thrilling new territories. And go up and stand on the bridge, to get the best view of where you’ve come from (the wake you’ve created) and where you’re headed. Hugs!

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