week 6-Perfect Practice Prevents Poor Performance…Are you paying attention?

Law of Practice-Prefect practice prevents poor performance. Well dang I am in trouble then because not only is my practice been imperfect, I was totally out of sync for a few days. I am OK now but for a while I was totally lost. Everything felt off for me..but it was just my old blue print trying to stop the evolution of I that is occurring. I clearly had a breakthrough after fearing for my spiritual life briefly.

Everything is back in order. I realize now that every time right before I have a breakthrough, I start to feel sadness coming on and I start to feel stuck but I see now it is just my old blue print wanting to keep me safe from the unknown. It’s saying, “What is this new stuff coming in here?  We play it safe, we don’t take chances.” What is this write a book stuff? We don’t share, we don’t allow people in that much! We don’t become vulnerable to the whole world! What is this?!” My new blue print is saying “Oh Yeah! We are on our way! We are going to live in our truth and help other’s do the same! We are not going to be carbon copies, we are going to be authentic and break down barriers and become the greatest version of I! Oh Yeah we are on our way!”

There is no greater feeling then to realize that my newbie is starting to present itself in many ways, blocking the old me from sabotaging the progress being made.

I now understand the mind and how perfect practice prevents poor performance. When it is fun it does not seem like practice and you can do it all day without pause or interruption but when it becomes a chore and your thinking about what you don’t want to happen, it is no longer fun to do. As an example, I remember the first day I actually picked up a basketball to shoot. I was 10 years old and had never physically played a game in my life but I had watched my brothers play and I always imagined playing with them in my mind as they played. I would watch basketball games with them, my favorite player of all time is Magic Johnson. I would imagine playing with my brothers and every time I would see myself passing to one of them leading them to the basket or shooting and they would say to me good shot! But they would never let me play with them in real life because I was too small and of course a girl. So one day I just picked up the ball and started shooting and I remember my dad saying dang you not gone miss one? I laughed and thought to myself I am just doing what I imagined. I had no idea I had just mastered something through practice in my mind. As a kid I just loved playing. It was so much fun and I always wanted to play the best person on the court and mainly it was a guy.

I was practicing and when it was time to play organized basketball in school I was unstoppable. My coach had me play every position. My position on paper was Center at 5’9 but I was taking the ball out getting back in only to get the ball back to break a press to then give it to the point guard to set up a play designed for me as the first and third options! Amazing what practice can do when it is fun.

Now that I am paying attention to everything it is amazing to realize how much power I gave up. This journey is a necessity but I have to always remember to keep it fun and so I am taking it all in. I know the payoff will be incredible.  God Bless!


9 thoughts on “week 6-Perfect Practice Prevents Poor Performance…Are you paying attention?

  1. Hi Denise! Thank you for the loving comments on my blog. I decided to visit yours and I am glad I did! I love the practice connections from basketball to mkmma. When I was young my dad would take us to the laker games a few times a year. It was before Magic’s time but after moving to Idaho I still followed the Lakers and guess what? Magic is my favorite all time player, and Michael is a close second. My dad was a mentor and coach for Bobby Bonds, I remember when Bobby came back to see my dad in his pro days and told my father he was going to be a dad. His son is Barry…..Bobby’s first at bat for San Francisco, he hit a grand slam home run, I can still see my fathers face in tears and beaming with pride as he watched it on TV. :)Thank you for sharing in your post about the old blueprint, right there with you girl!!! Sending love to you 2!!!

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  2. OMGoodness, Denise, what a super-duper story/example of how practicing so much mentally and FEELING the fun and joy of being a great basketball player prepared you for such a stellar performance during high school! This reminds me of back in the ’90s, when I used to play my cassette tape of the _Pippin_ soundtrack and sing along while doing housework. One of my favorite songs was “No Time At All.” I’d dance around the room while singing it, doing my best to act as lively as Irene Ryan had when she performed that song when I saw her in the Broadway production in May 1973. (She died suddenly shortly thereafter. Martha Raye took over that role on Broadway and also in the 1981 DVD; see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIfAGN6o3Jg .) Little did I know in the ’80s that I was practicing and perfecting myself to dress up like a wise old granny (when I was only 43) and sing that song in a one-night musical review performed in 1993 by members of a church I attended from 1989-1996. It seems like the Joy we feel when we’re IMAGINING ourselves doing something in the future is what PULLS US toward it! Thank you!

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