What a fun week!!!
We are now monitoring our opinions and trying to shut down expressing one out loud and in our head! Good luck with that! I can not read anyone’s posts on social media, watch a game or listen to anything without developing my own opinion. I have known for a good part of my life that I was opinionated but gee-sh, I had no clue how much those opinions also form how I think, feel or react to things that most of the time I can’t control or really have anything to do with me but somehow I let those opinions shape my reality. Don’t even bring up how much of my past was created because of someone else’s opinion of me that I absorbed. Haanel states in part 5 of the master keys”this mind which pervades our physical body is not only the result of home, business,and social environment,where countless thousands of impressions, ideas, prejudices and similar thoughts have been received. Much of this has been received from others, the result of opinions, suggestions or statements; much of it is the result of our own thinking, but nearly all of it has been accepted with little or no examination or consideration.”

I have observed myself this week and I had fun for the most part but there was also a particular moment I was not so proud of but I am in progress so I forgive myself for the complete meltdown. Bottom line is it was someone else’s opinion of me, that I know was not true, but it caused the brief drama. Clearly, here is an issue that needs to be challenged daily by me, I do not like how we disagree with each other. Not that we can’t disagree but we do not have to disagree with hateful statements and total miscommunication. Anyway, I apologized for my part in it and I am moving on because it does not do me any good to stay in that moment. I will continue to work on me. Ironically, we also started reading the 7 Laws of the Mind this week and one of those laws are the Law of Forgiveness-“To access the divine and connect the subconscious to the Omnipotent,Omniscient and Omnipresent Creator we must forgive everyone and anyone to clear the channel. There can be no connection to the divine mind where anger or resentment against a brother or sister, justified or not exists”. So…I digress!

Haanel states in the introduction to part 5 that matter is powerless, passive, inert and mind is force, energy, and power. So mind shapes and controls matter and every form which matter takes is but the expression of some pre-existing thought. You can originate thought and since thoughts are creative, you can create for yourself the things you desire. Knowing this why would you remain on auto-pilot? Because on auto-pilot you still create so why wouldn’t you want to control what you create to benefit your life and others? Much Love!!!




  1. Yes, it’s ironic–and brilliant–how the MKMMA curriculum introduces the No-Opinions exercise AND increased focus on The 7 Laws of The Mind, the first of which is The Law of Forgiveness! Thank you for that insight, Denise.

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  2. GREAT observing Denise – even the part where you were not so pleased. It’s all a form of discovering. I too like the “auto pilot” reference – how well do we drive our vehicles when we allow this mode of driving to affect where we go. I know I end up going someplace I usually go, even though I was going to another destination today. So, drive with purpose. This is what you are doing! YEAH!


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