Week 3-Solar Plexus, Connections, Wow!!!! Why won’t they teach this in schools?!

It is the third week of the MKMMA course and so far I have learned that an individual can act on the Universal, meaning One, I say GOD…and that the result of this action and interaction is cause and effect. Let me just keep it right here for a minute…acting on the Universal or connecting with your creator is deeper then going to church every Sunday, or praying to an outer source. It means becoming one with the source of all existence. In order to do this you must understand that you have to unblock the flow of energy that takes place in the space between the conscious mind, the subconscious mind and GOD or the Universal.

To do this you must clear anger, fear, hate, envy, jealousy or whatever blocks your flow to the ONE. In Romans 12 v. 2. it states “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”

Once I realized that I needed to build my own relationship with God so I could live a full and happy life, I then started to pursue what I needed to find my true self. The more I learned and understood that the renewing of my mind starts with clearing it one step at a time and being patient with the process, the clearer things became for me. I stop resisting change and being afraid, this allowed the god in me to connect with the GOD that created me I now feel whole, purposeful and alive.

Things come to me much easier now and I totally understand I can not change my outer experiences without changing my inner thoughts and feelings.

After you have unblocked this path you will then begin to erase the old movie and begin to write a new one. Now your speaking directly to your creator and telling him what you want. It is clear, it is with love, it then is yours!

Haanel states in the Master Keys Part 3, 17 “It is our attitude of mind toward life which determines the experience with which we are to meet; if we expect nothing, we shall have nothing; if we demand much, we shall receive the greater portion. The world is only harsh as we fail to assert ourselves”.

So in three weeks I now know that my connection to God comes from within, I know I need to clear out all of my negative thoughts, and I now know how the connections are made inside of our physical body, (Conscious mind to Subconscious Mind, The cerebro-spinal to sympathetic system, brain to solar plexus), and that once you understand and know that you have a solar plexus you are no longer afraid to go for anything. You do not care what others think because you are in touch with Infinite Strength! But we are just getting started though!!!!

My final thought is if this stuff was taught in schools!!!!??? WOW!!!!!

God Bless!


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