Week 2-The Subconcious Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste!

I am trying to figure out how to put things in perspective. My debilitating soon to be eliminated old blue print wants me to continue my typical behavior of not doing anything and just accept difficulty or challenge as failure.

OG Mandino says in The Greatest Salesman in The World, “As a child I was a slave to my impulses; now I am a slave to my habits, as all grown men are. I have surrendered my free will to the years of accumulated habits and the past deeds of my life have already marked out a path which threatens to imprison my future.”

The first week was easy because I was so happy to know that I would be a part of this amazing mastermind group but now the old me creeps up every now and again to say, “OK now the real work begins. You know you do not focus well and or complete things all the time.” I quickly reply; no, no, no to my objective mind and I let the subjective know there is new information in route that you will follow, I am in charge! So far so good. I know I have a long way to go but when I think of the above statement in OG’s book it is all too important to remain persistent in establishing new habits in order to create a new blueprint.

Haanel’s Master Key System, what can I say? Part two explains why it is so important to understand that we can gain control over the objective mind by monitoring our thoughts and stopping those thoughts that do not serve us. Haanel also informs us to systematically replace old habits and thoughts with new ones. Once we understand this and begin to work towards our goals everything falls categorically in its place.

I thought I had to think really hard and figure out things on my own but faith, understanding and persistence has been my message all week. Now, I must pay attention as I move forward. Everything I need will appear as it should.

“Life is an unfoldment, not an accretion. What comes to us in the world without is what we already possess in the world within.”

The Master Key System, Week 1, #16

One of my many Blue Rectangles of the week! Do It Now! wpid-20151009_202903-1.jpg


4 thoughts on “Week 2-The Subconcious Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste!

  1. I’ve know for a long time that awareness of our thoughts is important, and I’ve often used affirmations to try to change things. However, after a few days, I always began to “forget” to use the affirmations. Months or years would go by before I would get back to using them…. for a few days. And, then, I would forget again! What I love about MKMMA is the fact that we now have instructions for a SYSTEM to change the programming — a system that changes habits, which, in turn, change thought. Great post, Denise! And, I love your post title!

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  2. Your purity of spirit is adorable! Thank you. To your statement that “Everything I need will appear as it should.” I would ask you to consider the truth of this statement: We already have everything we need. We just have to notice it (like the MKMMA Experience is teaching us to notice the colored shapes).

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