Week 1- Masterkey: Feeling Abundantly Grateful!

Wow! I am not sure I can begin to capture in totality the feelings I am having about being a part of this course, so I will make an  attempt by saying GRATEFULNESS can not even cover the feelings I have been experiencing just in the first week! This is exactly what I needed at this time in my life. This is the perfect course for where I am with my personal and spiritual growth and where I am trying to go in my life. I found the Master Key Master Mind Alliance because I was involved in a network marketing company and I wanted to increase my skills. So I searched for valid teachers and mentors to learn from. I kept coming across people trying to sale me things, sign me up to their company or charge me a huge fee that I could not afford to teach me skills or coach me. I kept saying to myself there has to be a free site to learn some basics so I can at least start to earn some money.  One day I  came across The Worlds Laziest Networker. I was swept off my feet by the amount of free information available on his website. Eventually, I saw that there was a course being offered for free and I had no clue at the time when I opted in for the early notification what I was signing up for but it just felt like I needed it. Turns out I was right! There is no coincidence that I am here and my insides are spinning out of control with joy now that I am in the beginning stages of this journey to create the life I want and become the greatest version of myself. The craziest part is I decided that I would just focus on my primary business and not continue on with the network marketing as of right now. (No coincidence)!

Before this class I struggled so much with putting my Definite Major Purpose in writing so I am  ecstatic that this is one of the first things we are focusing on. When I say this is exactly where I need to be at this moment! I can not state that enough and I really am enthusiastic about meeting the new me. If you wanna know why I am doing this, I am doing this for my family, my friends, and the people I will serve. I need this work and I am so ready for it. I have never been more excited because for the first time in a very long time I have extreme confidence that I will succeed in this and in fulfilling my life’s purpose. This course appearing at the perfect time in my life is proof that I am on my way to becoming who I need to be in order to accomplish what I want to in this world. I can not wait for week two!

My mind is always in constant motion, going nowhere fast so everything about MKMMA so far has been spot on and it is clearly just the beginning….I can not even express how grateful I am at this very moment to be a part of something so amazing! Thank you Mark J., The fabulous Davene and everyone else for your pure commitment to making this the best experience ever!


4 thoughts on “Week 1- Masterkey: Feeling Abundantly Grateful!

  1. Isn’t it funny how, when we decide to focus on what matters, we get help from unexpected places almost instantly? Maybe because we are getting in touch with our DMP and our World Within? I love the way you describe your “insides spinning out of control with joy” now that you have started this journey. That’s exactly how I feel! And, like you, I am so grateful to Mark J., Davene, and the Mastermind Alliance for making this happen. I think we are probably in for a real ADVENTURE!

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